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Holiday decoder activation


Holiday decoder activation

Hi, new member speaking - so if I missed other posts on this topic, or if this is in the wrong place, my apologies!

I've been a relatively satisfied user of the holiday decoder service for a number of years, most recently last summer. You could call in, schedule an activation date and number of days or end date. No problem!

Today I tried to do this and discovered that the Rules are change. First, the automated attendant menus allow you to select on option for holiday home. But all this does is sell you the 'advantages' of using the new WhatsApp self help service. No way to speak to an agent.

So I set up on WhatsApp, and navigate the menus. You can activate your holiday home decoder (if you know the serial number, not the smartcard number as previously), but from today only. No planning ahead allowed.

Thinking this might be a bug in the new WhatsApp UI, I logged in to the DSTV website. Same thing!


DSTV, this is not progress. At a time when customer retention would I have thought be priority number one, making life harder for the customer seems like a dof thing to do. Fix it please!