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How Badges "works"


Re: How Badges "works"

Here's a further clue anyway... if one looks at one's own profile page it's the results I posted before, but if looking at someone else's page then it works properly.


Re: How Badges "works"

Thanks but it was only meant as an example of how much still needs attention as I doubt many are interested in the badges, I'm sure there's many other priority fix needs.


For instance, can you tell us anything more about what's happening with our being able to successfully post pics (the Photos button) that everyone can then see without the need for moderation? We were told in April that it would be fixed quickly.


(I did notice that the other pic-posting option, the Browse button for adding paper clip attachments, is now working properly in my environment.)




Re: How Badges "works"

Hi @Optimist , we've noted all this and we will work on it.~


How Badges "works"

Badges we receive is a good example of this forum's poor software state.


On my home page I have 9 badges. 6 of those relate to earlier "achievements" of the same nature so needn't be displayed.


When I click on the right arrow for that row;

1. It says I've earned 13 badges so far... so where are the other 4?

2. It can't be all the badges listed below that - there's far more than what's being discussed there, and some have no earners so it must be the complete list.

3. Try clicking on any of those. For instance, try the 200 Tags "award" - it then says "And the upcoming tagger award goes to you".

Really?? I've never made a tag, let alone 200 of them, and before I clicked on it it said it had been earned by 0 people... *sigh*

4. another good example - at the top of the list is a one-year anniversary badge presumably for membership, apparently already earned by 3 people here.... yet this forum is how old???