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MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

Not going to comment on this latest post of Optimist's because I'm very seldom on this Forum anymore and therefore am not in a position to state with any certainty on what he has said regarding the interaction between MC, the Liathium people(?) and the general public.

Just want to say that I had reason, a good few months back, to complain/request something from the DSTV Twitter people and they responded fairly quickly and did help resolve my problem. Unfortunately, I cannot recall just what this problem was but they did sort it out fairly quickly. Think it couldn't have been anything major because those type of queries I normally bring to the "boffins" here.


Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

Time to sum things up;


This forum was obviously designed with manipulation of customers in mind - there are many clues to that fact, and ongoing interference is often obvious.


The claim that it's not a customer touchpoint - this has been disproved far too many times by now, MC do help and more often than expected fairly well, then pull back again when it suits them.

The question is why?

Here's the possibilities / probabilities I have in mind;

MC are confused and nervous about how to "handle" us, they have always been so troubled. Some at MC are progressive and welcome our honest but firm approach, others less positive fight it and those are the ones currently in control at MC.

Staff are overworked due to manipulative firings, so perhaps they or their unions are in go-slow mode.

MC don't help their staff enough regarding knowledge.

It's even worse on a place like Twitter as witnesses here have shown us, the staff are beyond useless in their efforts (although they may mean well) - so how do MC expect us to cope.

Perhaps we irritate MC too much - tough MC, customers will not be told how to behave and only reasonable cooperation with them will give you any chance at civility, BUT only if service improves as well.

Could Lithium be the cause? Very possible, especially since they've turned out to be so like-minded as the more negative MC type.


The time has come to stop these games IMO, I'm certainly done playing any part.

MC, you are damaging yourself on a daily basis with things that could easily be attended to, hope you will wake up in time as the writing is very large on the wall now. This IS a customer based business, customers will not tolerate this shabby service, end of story.


Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

Hi Optimist Smiley Happy


I am so dissapointed in what this new forum became and the false promises made on the old forum that never came to be.


I just gave up with this forum as it is not friendly to navigate and I just dont like the user interface and layout of the Lithuim Forum.



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Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

Similar to what I've posted elsewhere;


It's doubtful that most will get a posted answer here now - the Mods have stopped doing much of their job, and clues show that MC are now trying to hide most of their efforts via PM (which is usually just to help their DStv Now customers) - I believe it's in the hope that our "silence" concerns will turn us into their forum servants out of desperation for useful interaction. No doubt we can thank Lithium for the idea.


Comments MC?...

Red Carpet

Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

@Beetle wrote:

Can see this Forum closing down in the not too distant future. 

Or replaced with a dedicated Device De-Registration forum! Currently it appears to be the only purpose in terms of still getting results.


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Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

Yep, although boring by now I do miss the old forum where people, forumites, Multichoice and whoever else wanted to have something to say, joined in with the conversation, advice or whatever. As a non technical person I picked up some valuable tips from all, although mostly from a couple of forumites. But MC also were very helpful in assisting with the numerous queries of mine and others. I therefore no longer visit this site on a daily basis as I once used to do but only take a look perhaps once a week these days. This mostly just to see what my "friends" have been posting. 

Wouldn't go so far as to say this Community Forum is a total waste of time but, from my limited viewing, it is sadly lacking in meeting the demands of the community. This fault can be squarely layed at the feet of Multichoice who took what was once a fairly helpful and informative Forum to what it has now become. Not quite, but pretty close to, a waste of time. Can see this Forum closing down in the not too distant future. 


Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

MC's lack of interest on this forum is now clear - for the last week, despite all our efforts, there were no visible Mods of note!! They are back today, at least a couple of them, but I now consider this forum a waste of time in large respect. Moderation efforts are the weakest they've been (moving threads, dealing with spammers), responses take far too long on average, answers are weak and too often without knowledge.

Forum software remains a joke.

Many of MC's service "efforts" have now become 3rd world level.

Can't be bothered further.

(But thanks to those who make some effort anyway.)


Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

There's been a bit of an improvement re MC helping here, many more threads getting answered, and fairly regularly with real answers, not just sending them elsewhere. Still often taking far too long though.


The problem is it's largely unofficial, just Mods being fair and considerate. So what to now do when other Mods don't?... a careful balance will be needed between criticism and leaving well alone it seems, but in the end I fear it will likely all fall down anyway as the Mods will only take so much from hotheads who will always do their thing. And I guess we're all hotheads at times...


Getting MC to change their mind? Good luck - in my case I couldn't be bothered explaining it to them further, so they must suffer results from their huge lack of quality help anywhere (except the very busy few specialists elsewhere). Unfortunately that will also affect OUR service further in the end.


BTW, don't you miss getting far more fault reports MC?? Don't you want to find and correct what's eating at your profits??


One last thing - this weekend, after a hint, for the first time that I've seen a Mod moved a thread to its correct section!

So no more excuses Mods, we now know you can do it. A tidy forum is a far more functional forum. Please.


I'll be standing back again now.

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

Again it wouldn't have taken anyone doing some sort of quality control to watch a couple of minutes of the picture and they'd have seen the problem. Or asked the supplier if the film needed to have subtitles and if so were they included. This, I think, should be standard practice when obtaining ANY film. Our decoders these days have the subtitle option and lots of people with hearing problems perhaps rely on a film having subtitles. I just wonder how many films have been bought which contain subtitles, even though they may be in English, but where the subtitle option has been omitted similar to this Longest Day omission? Hard of hearing people may need these subtitles on all movies but are perhaps being denied them due to some bad quality control from Multichoice. 


Re: MC's lack of real involvement on THEIR forum

I just find it a bit sad that they make the effort to arrange pop-up channels like 'Epic Battles', get content that we don't often see like 'The Longest Day', I record it and look forward to watching it... then when I settle down to watch it I have to stop after 5 mins due to a small but important issue like missing subs. Is there a point to showing things when they are ruined in this way? If I have a DVD missing crucial subs I could at least go to one of the free subtitle sites and get them but with DSTV it's take it or leave it so it really needs to be right. Hope someone at least gives this issue some thought.