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More General Community Issues

Community Manager

Re: More General Community Issues

@GeoffD , we've asked the Lithium team to look into the mentioned items. We will revert back as soon as we have feedback  :-)



Red Carpet

More General Community Issues

  • Customising fonts, colours and sizes:

Why can't we globally and permanently set these values? Each and every post we make has to be individually adjusted from the defaults. I notice also that the changes we make are always done AFTER the post first displays at the default values as well if one does make changes to these settings.


  • The Spell Checker does not offer the ablity to save your own words.

No need to explain this. Also, only one language setting is available.


  • Community software uses its own version of html5.

The  Community software does not adhere to the html5 standard and regularly decides that some code we enter is invalid, yet the code added complies with the html5 standard.


  • Number Lists Does Not Work Correctly

The "Numbered lists" code is clumsy and inefficient and does not work to standard.


  • Threaded Posts do not display the way they should

Threaded post displays do not work as they should. Threads display the same regardless of the display option selected.

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