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More forum software rubbish


Re: More forum software rubbish

Ok, I think I've figured it out... the last level was "red carpet", so in that flow of industry-related thought now I'm probably a make-believe nominee for an Oscar or something. Haha! I need a break from this placeRoll Eyes (Sarcastic).jpg



Re: More forum software rubbish

Today I was messing around with the forum awards system again, some of it genuine, but to prove another point about how useless it is - never mind that now, during the process my so called status was upgraded to "nominee"...


...@  MC, nominee for what??...


Re: More forum software rubbish

And here's a curve ball to add, MC.


In that thread mentioned, it turns out I made a serious error, so it did not qualify for the solution mark after all. However the original post was deleted by me after copying its content back into the thread, since we all know that no Mod appears able to do that for us, so there's now no way to subtract it from my Noddy badges.


But anyway I think it's time to retire from these pointless concerned efforts.


More forum software rubbish

Today I had a post "vanish" after its first edit, maybe due to it having first been marked as a solution by the OP.


Lots of other edits did go on, but all in the initial posting before actually submitting it, and that surely shouldn't make any difference... unless the "autosave" spy software (my belief, not a known fact) saw it that way and took action??


Some of us know how to recover from that, so was just a nuisance.


Then the kudo and solution award notifications disappeared, but the solution one was awarded anyway and didn't get removed. (Not sure re the kudos count.)

Not that I care about that @##$#&^ , but it's a pathetic abused (e.g.: Mods marking unsolved threads as solved) and inaccurate system that nobody will find of any serious value!

EDIT: Except maybe for MC's "A.I." department... :-p


And very likely nobody at MC who understands will see this.

And even if it reached Lithium's ears (they made this pathetic software), it almost certainly won't get fixed.


Everytime I think I see things improving, more bull-poo follows...