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Proof - Lithium intended for central control

Red Carpet

Re: Proof - Lithium intended for central control

Quite right Jan. I registered in Lithosphere very soon after this forum went live and checked many things thta were not working on this forum against the main site. I also got my own avatar, and many other things.

So all of our problems lie firmly within MCs domain.

BUT, when it comes to appointing an administrator for this forum, the exact same thing happened with the old forum. There was no one then either Admni was done on a piece meal basis and only when something became a crises ( Sometimes those so-called crises were invented by MC and used as an excuse to archive the forum a few times).

And hence my many posts on this forum. Unless MC take this community seriously, it will never deliver on what it can do for MC.


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Re: Proof - Lithium intended for central control

I have been registered on the Lithosphere Community forum for a long time. II have never posted anything and have zero badges. Out of pure curiosity  I signed on and updated my settings including my Avatar. I am very surprised that the software allowed me to download Avatar. No approval required. When you click on Avatar there is an option to download a avatar/.

So Litho.JPG"awarding" the privilege to use your own Avatar is a MC setting

Litho 2.JPG

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Re: Proof - Lithium intended for central control

Yes, the programmers (developers) clearly haven't done much of that as far as Forumite's basic needs go, and probably due to MC themselves not being interested or paying enough attention.


There was that bit of communication with the programmers in another thread, so they are listening... but the progress is unbelievably slow, isn't it?!

Development is time consuming, but my experience of it says nowhere near as long as it's taking. And we don't know how much of the important stuff is actually being dealt with.


That said, a reminder that this thread is focused on showing that MC was going to make this forum social media central, then changed their minds... and denied that.

The above details of further poor management is associated though IMO, so as OP I'm happy for any of this to be discussed here.


Re: Proof - Lithium intended for central control

The thing with buying off the peg one size fit all items/software like lithium are that it need to be adjusted to suit your need/shape. I am sure that Lithium is not obliged to setup the software to MC’s specifications. Normally that would fall under the duties of a Webmaster or Administrator. Reading through the posts by various of their Customers seeking advice on various changes they require confirm that the fine tuning and alterations to suite different customer needs lies with the Customer and not with Lithium.

What I see here is that a lot of the default Lithium values have been retained during the initial setup and very little or no effort has been made to change or alter any of the contentious points. Surely there is no need to approve images by a Moderator before it will display for all to see. Especially if the same image can be attached to a post as a paperclip attachment and be visible for all to see. Surely there is no need to block members from using personal Avatars. To make that ability the condition of an award is ridicules.

Moderators can be better deployed to give valuable advice and feedback than to expect them to monitor and police images downloaded.  

What need to be done is for MC to appoint  and make it the responsibility of someone with the skills and experience to look after and maintains the Lithium software. Someone that can make the necessary setup changes that is required to make Platform function the way it should and achieve the goals intended when the switch over were decided.

Herewith some screenshots of how Lithium see what their software can achieve and use as a selling point.


Com 1.JPG

Com 2.JPG

Com 3.JPG

Com 4.JPG

Com 5.JPG

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Proof - Lithium intended for central control

Lithium's community platforms are designed to be the central control for all of a company's social media platforms - so what was initially announced to us is correct.

But someone who knows more than mighty Lithium (they are very big) decided to change that as they clearly don't like our straightforwardness, even though we have much to show them that can help them improve.


Apologies for posting pics, but very needed in this case...

The pic below may never get approved, so you can see it in the attachment on the right instead.

It says it all, social media central control is the number one usage item that Lithium state on their homepage.


The truth can't be hidden for long.

And I'm now no longer interested until some reasonable change from MC (well, I am an optimist :-p   ).


Lithium is central control.jpg