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Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

Red Carpet

Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !: Terms of Use

For anyone not sure where to find the Terms of Use of the Community and in particular, the rule used to justify the deletion of the thread that led to this new thread, here it is:



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Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

Wow. This has all turned out worse than I feared, and I can barely bring myself to visit this place. I see there's nothing further on the functionality issues we initially raised either. Not sure what the point of this is then, may as well just follow a Facebook page given the user experience here, not that I'm a fan of Facebook. Given the attitude and responses we've had I see no point in continuing, and am seriously reconsidering our Premium subscription too given the trend towards becoming more remote and unresponsive, while getting rid of things like the Edge channel and the forum which I actually valued. Fortunately there are options in the market these days.


I honestly have no idea how anyone can look at this site and think it's working at all well. Thanks to the old forumites for the discussions, assistance and debate over the years. Sad to see it end in this way.


Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

The poll idea was just old habits, and despite the belief was unlikely to have been the sole or main catalystic reason for such strong public involvement. Using that thin excuse to delete all other comments was about as low as you could have sunk MC, and as such I see no point in further comms on the subject.


Positive employees had this company heading upwards again, but now many have left and the controlling attitude is clearly back to where we were years ago... I mean really, wanting to ban a user of the service who "dared" to politely enough say what's really on all our minds??

You're here to serve MC, and you clearly haven't got much of a clue from Lithium yet.



Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

My reading of 24.2 is that it's to do with polls related to other websites/services, but that's just an aside.


If this forum isn't intended to be a customer care platform then I don't really understand its intention. It being a place where community members can help each other out is reasonable, but if that's all it is then how much can we as a community actually contribute? We can provide input on technical matters like installation, but things like scheduling queries, issues with what's been broadcast, in fact the bulk of what we're used to discussing requires input from MC/DStv as those are things that we just can't help with.


If the intention is more for this to be a place to discuss what's being shown on DStv, then a lot more work needs to be done to get those discussions going. Because there currently isn't the critical mass for these discussions to happen regularly enough without encourage, the moderators need to be the ones driving the discussions. And to do that requires more than just posting a promotional piece about something that's coming up - it also requires watching those shows/events and commenting on them.


If it was felt that the way the old forum was operating wasn't ideal and needed an overhaul then I do understand that. However, the process of creating the new forum hasn't been done particularly well. It was always going to be the case that the bulk of the initial population of the new forum would be made up of regulars from the old forum, so there needed to have been some consultation done as to what the average forum user wants to get out of a new forum, not just make assumptions around what they want and expecting them to embrace that (especially when that's not what they were led to believe that it would be).

Red Carpet

Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

As already stated, this is NOT what we were led to believe would be the intention and purpose of this Community. As MC has chosen to go back on its word, and, given all the functionality issues we already have with this platform, I am withdrawing from active involvement. For those who read this post, I will set up another way for those that want help with technical issues to contact me. Details will follow later. 

For now, I will still monitor the Community for a while.

How does one go about deregistering on this platform?

Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM

Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

My original reply to this post got deleted at the same time the rest of the thread got deleted and I couldn't be bothered to type it all up again - suffice to say this is NOT what we were told by Marietjie and that I share the sentiments of the previous 2 responses.


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Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

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Well put Luke.

There's little more to cover, except to state the obvious that MC's manipulations here are wasted on already long practiced Forumites who see through such things. Just tell us you've had to change your mind.

And help your clients, you say..., after your dept. offered to pay us for that and then disappeared on us??? Funny joke... maybe some will anyway, but if you use that as an excuse it will be self-destructive.


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And if things like banning for this mild manipulation of forum tools are all you can come up with to defend your stance, it's all a waste of time. Not even a milder mention of moderating first, let alone a statement showing compassion, understanding and a willingness to look into your customers' concerns in this already hijacked and additionally otherwise demolished as well thread. Instead you belittle our efforts with statements like us being called "sentimental" about the past.


That's silly MC IMO, but no uncalled for disrespect meant and your rules will be respected. And since you don't want that feedback, good luck as you'll sure need that and I'll leave my criticisms there!


EDIT: Finally, also please note that we're not here to "play"... speaking to customers like children is the worst thing you can do to them, trust me on that one. Respect us first before expecting that back.


Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

I can just shake my head at this...


We were told that this forum would bring TOGETHER all the various client care platforms , for us to interact with MC as well as with each other. To now all of a sudden turn around and claim that this was never the intended use of this platform ... what a joke..


 Not sure if critisising MC is in contravention of some documented rule somewhere... I really don't care anymore

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Re: Poll: Give us back our old forum !

Hi Guys

While we appreciate your sentiment and history around the old forum, please refer to our "terms of use" at the bottom of this page; Point no 24.2. This poll/petition is in complete contravention of a documented rule and will therefore be deleted immediately. 


Let's discuss your quest briefly: "Give us back our old forum" 

The old DStv Forum was a customer touch-point, meaning that it was part of an offering along with multiple others (still available), where service was provided by DStv/MultiChoice. That forum does not exist anymore. We have completely replaced it with the DStv Community Forum and whilst we would like this to be a platform where experts like yourselves contribute as you did in the old forum, this platform does not form part of our customer care touch-points.


The main objective of the DStv Community Forum is to encourage customer-to-customer engagement. We want you to contribute to the communities set up under our predetermined discussions. We have taken your advise and added a number of new discussions - You asked and we agree that your ideas where excellent! Thank you!


While we will step in from time-to-time, we will redirect queries, in particular, Billing related queries to our customer care platforms. Due to privacy issues & the fact that while we have a team of moderators manning this platform, we do not have customer care support here (this was not the intention of the new platform), this is not a viable customer care platform.


We urge you to make use of the multiple options available should you need help with your individual account requirements:

1. Contact Centre (Call in)

2. Email (help@dstv.com)

3. Social Media (@DStvCare - Twitter; DStv South Africa (Facebook)

4. Live Chat (DStv Now website) 

5. MultiChoice Customer Centres

6. Self-Service 

More detail about these here https://selfservice.dstv.com/contact-us/



Should you wish to join the DStv Community Forum, we welcome you to do so, however understanding that the intention of this platform differs from the old Forum. As our rules state, if you choose not to abide by the rules documented here, we will be forced to follow our ban process. 


Let's play nicely. Don't be that guy!