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St00pid smileys

Red Carpet

Re: St00pid smileys

*anti-spam moderator line - ignore*


IMHO those Tapatalk-type ones never quite matched the old forum originals.

Fortunately... just remembered that I made a copy of those :-p


*anti-spam moderator line - ignore*


@Mods  - please approve all these pics for me, many thanks.


Big Grin.jpg



Roll Eyes (Sarcastic).jpg






Stick Out Toungue.jpg

Others can copy them after they're approved, but then they need re-approval before you can use them <roll eyes>

I wasn't sure in my mind what the orig size was, so they've ended up a little unclear but should do it for me.


BTW, there doesn't appear to be a limit re how many pics can be posted in an actual post. So just with the attachment type pics.


Re: St00pid smileys

Me too

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Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: St00pid smileys

Smiley LOL

I just use my own Smiley Very Happy Smiley Happy Smiley Sad 

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Red Carpet

St00pid smileys

@Lithium  , I can't make out your useless smileys properly until I zoom to at least around 200%, and even then so many are too bland to understand or remember.


Have to presume it's on purpose, the bigger more universal smileys we had are clearly far too disruptive for any companies who are only interested in making calm puppets out of customers as you've shown yourselves to be fondly devoted to.


Bah! Last thing on my mind anyway, not really interested anymore.