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Tips about the Community


Re: Tips about the Community

Ok, found it - in the PM section (envelope at top right of page) there's the options menu, it's in there.

Only if PM's are on of course.


Re: Tips about the Community

Where's Batch Processing located? I've seen the setting but can't find it now.

Red Carpet

Tips about the Community

I have started this thread for the purpose of listing tricks I have found about this forum.

1. Batch processing:

  • Turn on Batch processing if you want to undertake any operation on a multiple of threads and posts. Especially in the Private Message section.  Deleting only some messages is only possible if batch processing is turned on.
  • Batch Processing can be Activated in a number of places but the one I found so far is In the Private Message section, Options top RH corner, brings up a menu, one of the items is to turn ON or OFF Batch Processing. 

2. Users On-Line:

Optimist found this way to see who is online at any one moment.  

3. Inserting Diagrams or information files:

While we wait for MC to sort out the insertion of photos and videos, here is a way to at least attach diagrams and files to a post.  Did not realise what this was for until two other users managed to post diagrams to their posts.

  • When posting a reply or starting a thread, Look at the bottom of the page below the editing block for a section marked "Browse".
  • Browse to the folder where the diagram is available and select it. A link to the file will be placed in the post.
  • Complete the Post.  A link to the file will appear on the right of your post where anyone can download or at least look at the file chosen.

4. Missing Posts: What happens to them?

The Spam filters implemented on the Community appear to interpret multiple edits of a post as
"Spam" and then move those posts into a section, which one would assume requires Moderator action to release the posts. BUT, in fact, there is an intermediate step involved BEFORE the posts are presented to a moderator for review.  The post all end up in a section called "Unmoderated Posts", where, if you know where it is, you as a member of the Community can again edit or delete the post first.  The post then seems to go from there to a moderator for review ......

The location of these "unmoderated posts" can be found here:


There are two tabs which you can check out yourself, and decide to delete or edit the posts.

There is also a tab for "Images". Opening that tab will display all the images you have been trying to upload to the forum "Waiting Approval" before being released for public display.


5. Show All Unread Posts:

Here is one I thought I posted a while back which I use every time I look at the Community.  It has now recently also been posted by another user (SB). Lists all unread posts and saves the PT of having to go through each sub-section to find posts of interest.



There is a little trick you can use to still get your post back without having to wait for a moderator to release it.  Simply copy the content of the post into your scratch pad, delete the item, and after being taken back to the original section, re-post the item again. 


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