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Welcome to the Community!

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Welcome to the Community!

Ok made it, sort of...


Questions, so many...

How do we open / create a thread?

Can I change the avatar to a photo?


New poster

Re: Welcome to the Community!

Let's see how it goes in the new environment


Re: Welcome to the Community!

Hey right back at you! Congrats you are our very 1st visitor! Smiley Happy


Re: Welcome to the Community!




3 Explora 2`s |HD PVR 2P | Am Very Lost In The Community

Welcome to the Community!

We are so glad that you’ve joined the new DStv Community Forum. Step right in and take a seat. The remote is all yours. 


A very big "THANK YOU" to the former/original DStv Forum members

We want to thank you for your invaluable contributions to the journey of DStv & the DStv Forum over the years. While we will be saying goodbye to the old platform in the next few days, we know that through the old, we have now evolved to a new and exciting platform with knowledge & insight to carry us through. We hope that you've crossed over and joined us and if so, please pop in and say "Hi!" ☺ 


What the former/original DStv Forum has taught us is that “we really DON’T know it ALL!” and “we can & must” learn from our customers and online visitors. As a brand we want to hear from you. 


What is the new DStv Community Forum all about?

The DStv Community is an online forum, created for you to enjoy collaboration with other visitors/peers and to source & share information/solutions. The main objective of the Community is peer-to-peer assistance and we welcome all visitors, both DStv customers and non-DStv customers to join in the engagement. Remember, this is not another Customer Care platform but rather a home for user-driven-solutions. We will step in from time-to-time but for the most part, this is your platform. Share your solutions with the Community. Key contributors will earn badges, step up in rank and become Star Community members, a status that calls for suprises (from time-to-time) ☺ 


Kudoes to all DStv Community Members!





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