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Welcome to the Community!


Re: Welcome to the Community!

Finally, after 6 months and one week we can now say that MC are starting to play the game - we've had a few bugs fixed, pics now work for all without a need for release, avatars are starting to work, fieldtrials finally got their forum section, some communication re other issues is underway...


So, I guess it's a thank you from me.

I've posted this here as I don't want MC to forget this thread in particular which has so many of our earlier tech concerns in it, but please also look at the other threads in this Guidelines forum section.

Please share this with all the other Mods, developers, etc. involved.


A special thanks to GeoffD - he's been able to push some of the important needs through.


Re: Welcome to the Community!

Too late. MC and DStv are all but dead to me. 


A 24yr long subscriber and I finally cut the cord. 


Re: Welcome to the Community!

Too late. Multichoice and DStv are all but dead to me. 


24yr subscriber and I finally recently cut the cord 




Re: Welcome to the Community!

This post was moved to the end due to the rudeness that followed - some credit to MC is now justified.


@Mods  - note that I couldn't physically delete this post...

Re: Welcome to the Community!

Thanks for giving this information about the community.


Re: Welcome to the Community!

The Who's Online section of this forum - see attached.


How is it that my own identity is missing when viewing this listing from my identity???

A refresh doesn't help, but previous efforts have shown it does eventually come right.

Other oddities with this listing have also been noticed - such as wrong time values.


Any business making software this bad cannot know what they're doing, not even when it comes to the customer "loyalty" manipulation that Lithium claims it's expert with...


Sis, I'm really tired of this rubbish! :-(


Re: Welcome to the Community!

The spell checker - please see attached file.


In what version of English is the word "watch" incorrect???

(No, this spell checker isn't checking grammar as well, and that's correct anyway.)


Re: Welcome to the Community!

Only circustances they created that later then hurt them enough can put them in a forced state, by which time it's often too late.

But I'm done wasting my breath here, MC really needs to come to the party now, in so many ways.


Re: Welcome to the Community!

@Optimist wrote:

Today is 4 months since we first arrived at this forum.

How many of the large list of items needing attention and repair have been tackled or fixed so far MC? This thread had most of them.

And how much feedback have we had MC?


The answer to both is almost none.

The suggestion that MC goes back to what did work rather well has been fully ignored.

Guess we're wasting our time, those who control things have no interest in customer needs unless forced to.

And pray Sir, how is anyone going to force them? MC is the same as our Governance, it is all lip service and no positive action!

Skill is a trade.

Re: Welcome to the Community!

Lol, some of our posts are deleted. 


I’m just going to log in each day and copy/post the same message each day and they can delete it each day.