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Who at MC planned this forum?


Re: Who at MC planned this forum?

We're getting quite a lot of cooperation at the moment, so I'll add this post in the light of being fair re balance.


Certainly MC's Business division has a job to do and in a difficult world-wide industry. They're certainly competent in that, proof is in just how many Africa-hating studios they managed to bring on-board through the years.


What they don't get is that to their public this is... entertainment... something to be lighthearted about, so their harsher attitudes do not mix with Forumites who are paying good money for the services.


Lastly, apologies to one of my favourite Mods who ended up an example here, she's just doing her job.


Re: Who at MC planned this forum?

BTW, for the doubters - the original forum was for technical fieldtrials, then white collar took it over and ran it like tyrants - not a clue about looking after customers. Some others here know as well.

Then Customer Services got hold of it and it started to improve a lot.


And to end, a potentially compounding theory;

I believe I've noticed that if other channels etc. are discussed enough there seems to be increased focus made on M-Group related content.


Who at MC planned this forum?

Got this response elsewhere today, inappropriately as I had been sharing negative comments;


@Grace_DStv1 wrote:

@Optimist- always great to have everyone joining the chats, its awesome to see which shows are being appreciated on our platforms Smiley Happy.

Not expecting a response to this post, I doubt any Mods are authorised to.

What it's ended up saying to me is that the whole forum appears to have been created and structured for discussing and pushing content. Anything else has been like pulling teeth since the start, so although MC have tried to cooperate a bit with Forumite desires to keep some balance they clearly aren't focused on anything but carrot dangling... explains much of the software mess here as well.


Which leads to another question - why would the division who runs this forum ("MultiChoice Support Services (Pty) Ltd" AKA Customer Service, see copyright notice at base of pages) choose to make that their main forum objective???????

Not their job, can only be one reason - this forum was hijacked by white collar after the GM for Customer Services who planned it ended up resigning.

BTW, a number of other well meaning seniors resigned around the same time.

I can smell this company from here, its rotten state is turning into decay. Won't waste my time pointing out any more.