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dstv.com - what are the developers doing??


dstv.com - what are the developers doing??

I already posted this about the new website in another thread;


@Optimist wrote:

BTW MC, the website's fresh new look isn't bad, but...

1. The top being blank until you scroll down is confusing.

2. Viewing interest lists dominating the site  - I can understand why MC are doing that, but it's likely impractical and overbearing for most users.

3. It's horribly long to initially load, at least on older computers with basic broadband. (And so was the "newer" Customer Service section when last tried a few months ago.)

Just opinions - use it or don't.

To add to that, today I tried the search function for the first time (located in the middle of the menu items).

As I typed the search string, I was unable to read what I was typing as it's done in black ink on a black background!


What on Earth is going on with you MC??