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"All Posts" link not working


Re: "All Posts" link not working

In the meantime Forumites can bookmark the above link.


Another method found by GeoffD, this one lists all unread posts;


Best to bookmark this if wanted as AFAIK it's not offered anywhere on this forum.


"All Posts" link not working

@Tshepo_DStv1  and the developers, we discovered in another thread that the very important "All Posts" link at the bottom of any forum page is not working as it should. It instead takes one to the top of the page being visited.


The correct link it's meant to give should be:



This is a terrible oversight, I can't recall how I got my link but whoever messed up here has caused EVERYONE to struggle with reading this forum in having to manually visit each used forum section on every visit!! Please treat as URGENT!


Unbelievable MC... is there no end to your carelessness and poor efforts?? You should be deeply ashamed and embarrassed.