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"Shadow" moderation concerns


"Shadow" moderation concerns

What is "Shadow" moderation? It's when the moderation efforts are kept stealth-like, so as not to cause excessive or general disturbance.

Possible example - we see our own pics, but others can't until approved. On other forums, Mods have even been known to make posts appear visible but they can't be seen by others.

Logging off usually allows these things to be checked, but remember that some features, such as pics on the old forum, are only available to logged-in members.


Quite distasteful when it is going on, though I can certainly understand the temptation given the difficulty Mods sometimes face. IMO there are aways other ways, which unfortunately also means proper moderation when called for.


Here's a couple of things to keep an eye on;


Autosave function - this potentially allows for those in charge to keep an eye on what a poster is planning, way before actually posting the post. Some of us have wondered if this is not Lithium's intention with the function...

Solution - create your post in another environment and then copy it complete to here for quick posting.


Anti-spam auto-moderation - has been working fine since it got fixed or better adjusted, but suddenly this week I've had two posts removed. The thing is, both were about sensitive issues, both were removed far too early for this function's known past or current behaviour, both ended up for the first time in a section called "Rejected" which should only be possible if a Mod put it there, and the last incident was followed by an on-screen warning that I don't have the privileges to post... which was removed about 30 seconds later.

You can keep an eye on this moderation section for your identity here:



So, was I being warned? Maybe I'm wrong and the above was unfortunate coincidences or something - but with due respect let me be clear MC, if I'm not doing something wrong I will fight any unacceptable moderation strongly. I am not looking to challenge your authority, and only hoping MC will use the info we post to improve things for all including themselves. This abuse did go on on years ago on the old forum, and I was the one who found ways to put a stop to it...