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HD 5S keeps losing connection to Primary


Re: HD 5S keeps losing connection to Primary

Something got missed here. The 5 series have a buillt in diplexer, so (edit: if HB via Unicable is required) the external diplexer needs to connect to the back of the Explora 1 (only the Explora 2A has a built in diplexer as well).

The connections are then opposite (SAT and IO) as you tried with the 5S, with the ANT port on the diplexer connected to a RF port on the Explora, usually RF Out and you set that choice in the somewhat related menu option as well to be sure all is ok.

Also make sure that all 5 of your Userband's Indexes and their associated frequencies on the decoders don't clash.

You may then need the call centre to reactivate XV again. The old HB cable can be discarded once all is confirmed working.


However you may want to consider creating and distributing a RF viewing signal from the 5S to another room(s) - if desired then the above advice would have to be revised back to something closer to what you have now, and after the details were posted a few other tips would be added.


(Edited for detail - now done.)

(Further edited after discussion with Geoff that follows.)

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Re: HD 5S keeps losing connection to Primary

Assuming the diplexer labelling is correct, the diplexer is correctly connected. Then the only possibility is that the two decoders have NOT BEEN correctly paired. The Explora is still paired with the old 4U. Check the XV Settings on the Explora to make sure it is the primary, and that is activated as primary. Verify that the 5S is secondary to the Explora. You may have to take both decoders to an MC office to get this sorted because there was a batch of the 5S decoders that were problematic. Trying to sort this out over the phone with the call centre will not get you anywhere.

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HD 5S keeps losing connection to Primary

Hi Guys, 

I have an Explora 1 and the new HD 5S. The Explora is the Primary, while the HD s is the secondary. 

I had the HD Model 4U. The cables installed and they are all connected on Unicable to a Smart LNB. 

My problems started started when I changed from the HD 4U to the HD 5S. I have a diplexer connected to HD 5S decoder. It is a Space TV diplexer with I/O; ANT and SAT. The I/O is connected by a cable from the HD 5S LNB In port, while the cable from the dish, is connected onto the SAT port on the diplexer and the previous heartbeat cable from the Explora, it is connected to the ANT port on the diplexer. 

It keeps showing me an E143 error message. I have called multichoice to clear the error, but only get picture for some times and then it is back to E143. 

This has been happening for days now and I have ranout of ideas. By the way, the Explora is playing perfectly. 

I hope I will be able to finally get a lasting solution. 


Thank you in advance.