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Blog: What is "AI" really, and is it improving this service?


Blog: What is "AI" really, and is it improving this service?

Who am I to write about this?

A programmer who was professional for a number of years, and who's studied the subject since school days in the 70's.


Why on this forum?

In a recent awards ceremony (discussed in another thread), a senior at MC mentioned that AI is being used to "create" and "determine" an 80% public satisfaction rate with their customer services, one presumes mostly related to their call centres. Too many here, even with basic experience, know that can't be accurate.


What is "AI" really?

Usually it refers to a set of human-created instructions which have been given the ability to take different usually logic paths based on its varying usage interaction.

I wrote my first AI program sometime in my teenage years, hardly a train smash or anything new or great based on that concept is it.

But some of it is really quite clever, sure. With enough experiences and resources, plus care and time it can be great - but only as a tool ! Don't for a moment believe it will ever be truly safe to hand complete control over to a machine in a potential life-risking environment! This is just hype, what big business wants us convinced of now. Think about it carefully - how can something without some form of awareness make decisions in the moment under emergency conditions, which humans are so often really great at based on their creative and also somewhat their imaginative ability?


Can AI develop consciousness?

Perhaps one day, not the kind of thing any of us could answer. But it still wouldn't necessarily be aware...

One of the developments that holds "hope" is quantum computing. I've been able to get a bit of the meaning of that, but it's a far off concept and still soo theoretical, so best not to go too far into it until there are actual developments.


What of MC's AI?

Sadly, IMHO that's hardly going to be a reality let alone a valuable one.

There's no ways MC will spend what's needed for something like that to be approaching good.

Other seen efforts by the MC company suggest that statement is further likely to be correct.

If they sourced it from the same American company that made their customer services software, some of us here know how bad that company's reputation and poor performance is.

And what exactly are the results based on? If on customer satisfaction voting, does it account for the likely high number of unsatisfied customers who are too frustrated to vote or gave up long before that stage??


As for the design via AI... one hopes that is helping, but it can only be as good as its designers' understanding and abilities, and the input they've obtained.


Comments very welcome.