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Is the reconnection fee a sensible policy?


Is the reconnection fee a sensible policy?

Is the reconnection fee really a policy/rule/law that must be enforced by DStv?

The service that Dstv offers firstly is not that great, particularly on the customer service side. Why shouldn't the disconnection  and reconnection of a person's own account be flexible without having any amount levied on the decision they make on whether  to pay DStv or not in a certain month.


I've honestly always questioned the R50 reconnection fee, but with the price of DStv packages shooting over the roof each year, I honestly think it should be scrapped. It honestly doesn't make sense to me


Re: Is the reconnection fee a sensible policy?

100% Correct.  MC is using the reconnection fee as a punitive measure against its subscribers. There is no real justification for its use.

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