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3 decoder help

Red Carpet

Re: 3 decoder help

More info needed.

What model SLNB? LMX 500 - 4 Unicable ports plus 2 universal ports

LMX 501  - 3 Unicable ports plus one Universal port.

What model HD decoder? 4 - series 6 - series or 6 - series?

The 4 series may require a diplexer, the other two not.

Which decoder is the Primary decoder?

The Explora 1 may require a diplexer, BUT IF the combination worked previously without a diplexer then no.

The explora 3 will only need a diplexer IF the HB is fed via a separate cable to the other decoders from the primary decoder.

How are the decoders HB connected at the moment

Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM
New poster

3 decoder help

Hi, i currently had explorer 1 with 2 hd decoders.

I replaced the 1 hd decoder with a explorer 3.

The XV no longer works, says waiting for primary decoder.

MC advised that i need a diplexer. Where do i connect it to.


Current setup:

LNB port a - explorer 1

LNB port b - explorer 3

LNB last port - HD decoder


The 3 "old" decoder cables went to a splitter to enable another tv to have signal (not a biggie if it cant work anymore)


All of it receives good signal. Please advise