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Connect xtraview

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Re: Connect xtraview

Hi Rowen, Have a look at the following diagram as per the link. https://aisatellite.co.za/index.php/dstv-error-e143-4-solved/#xtraviewDiagram In your case take out the 2a decoder: The Explora 1 is connected to a diplexer and the 6s is connected directly to the smart LNB. In this case the 3a in the diagram and the 6s is interchangeable. During the install wizard make sure that the userbands are different for both decoders. When all bands show signal strength and quality and the signal is consistent the scan

Connect xtraview

Good day I'm trying to connect a explora1 as my primary decoder and 6s hd decoder as my secondary decoder using a twin smart lnb.

How do I connect them.

Please help