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DSTV Explora and 5S extra view.


Re: DSTV Explora and 5S extra view.



I’ve done as you suggested, but the 5S now has no signal.


My Explorer is using the default channel setup (0,1,2).




Re: DSTV Explora and 5S extra view.

@Louan wrote:
Thanks DSTV call centre. 

Nope, I'm just another Forumite... but do know what I'm doing here.


Ok, for now use the diplexer behind the 5s as follows;

@Louan wrote:
The connections to the duplexer are:

"SAT" => 5-2 Multiswitch output 1

"ANT" => Explora RF-Out

"I/O" => 5S decoder [LNB input]

"SAT" must instead connect to the Port B on the 5-2 ES.

In the 5s' menus - set to "SATCR Universal" or it may be called "Unicable", and set the first User Band Index to 3 and its frequency to 1892 and the second one to Index 4 with frequency 2040 (frequencies only valid for the ES, and this expects that the Explora is using default User Bands 0 to 2).


Phone back the Call Centre, let us know how it goes.


More info re what to do with the SLNB later will follow in the next post.


Re: DSTV Explora and 5S extra view.



1) Origional Explora

2) Two rooms, wall between decoders, cable length about 7m.

3) I can pull in more cable if needed.

4) The connections to the diplexer (see photo) are:

"SAT" => 5-2 Multiswitch output 1

"ANT/UHF" => Explora RF-Out

"I/O" => 5S decoder


Is using a diplexer not a solution for my situation? Thanks DSTV call centre. 


Re: DSTV Explora and 5S extra view.



1. Original Explora "1" model, or the newer 2A ?

2. Are the two decoders in the same room?

3. If not in the same room - do you have any cable routing restrictions, such as too-full conduits between the rooms?


Unfortunately you can't pass HB (HeartBeat) via the older Explora Switches (ES), such as the ver. 5-2.

You also wouldn't be able to get future true Hi Band channels that are planned with your LNB or ES setup, so your best bet will be the Smart LNB (SLNB).


Once you've answered my initial three questions more info can be added.


4. Also note that the standard diplexer ports are labelled "SAT", "ANT" and "I/O".

Please give us your manufacturer & the model, and the exact labels they use.


* Please would all note that I'm planning to currently retire from assisting here.


DSTV Explora and 5S extra view.



This weekend my old DSD1131 extra view decoder packed up, so I went and purchased a new 5S decoder.


Now I can't seem to get this to work, and neither does DSTV's call centre. Maybe I'm just bad in explaining my setup, so let's try here...


I have a dual LNB, going into a 5-2 multiswitch (H/L, and V/L), Multiswitch "Unicable Port A" goes to the Explora (Primary), Multiswitch "Output 1" goes to "SAT" input on the duplexer, Explorer's RF Out goes to the duplexers "UHF" input, and the duplexers output goes to the 5S decoder.


The signal strength on the 5S is good, and I have video and audio on channel 100. Switching to any other channel gives me an error "E140-0".


Can this setup work? Do I have to fork out another R500 for a smart LNB?


Thoughts, and thanks!