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Explora 2 and SD decoder as xtra view


Re: How to connect Explora 2 to SD decoder

I better just add that only one of the SD PVR's RF ports can work with the heartbeat, I think it was RF Out.


But maybe you meant the actual "DualView" decoder (does not have a harddrive so can't record) - that doesn't work with XtraView (XV) at all.

If so there is no modern substitute, you would need to consider two more modern decoders to also get the third viewing environment if wanted.

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Re: How to connect Explora 2 to SD decoder


You cannot use a Diplexer for the SDPVR because it does not support SatCR.

A separate heartbeat cable must be connected from the RF port on the Explora to the RF Port on the SDPVR.


The Twin LNB will not work for the Explora because you will not get a lot of the channels which are on the high band frequencies.

The current Smart LNB has only 1 Universal port so it cannot be used for this combo.

Because the SDPVR does not support SatCR, the customer will need to use a “Quad LNB + Smart Switch”.


Explora 2 + SD PVR Estimated Costs:

  • Quad LNB … R400
  • Smart Switch … R800
  • Labour … depends on the installer … the installation will require a lot of cables


The other option is to buy 2 x Explora’s to replace the SDPVR:

  • Explora 2 Installed R1700
  • Explora 2 (no installation) R1000
  • All decoders will be connected with a single SatCR cable.
  • No heartbeat cable is required.
  • All 3 x TV’s will display in HD

Re: How to connect Explora 2 to SD decoder

Which country are you in? As far as we know there's no SD PVR decoders that can work properly anymore due to MC's changes to the system.


Other than that - you're quite confused, seen in much of what you've posted. Suggest you get a recommended-by-a-friend installer, or someone who's had some experience to help.


I won't be available further.

Not sure if anyone else may choose to post, all the best with it.


How to connect Explora 2 to SD decoder

Not sure how the Subject was changed has nothing to do with freezing


Explora 2 and SD decoder as xtra view


I have a SD Dualview with Twin LNB currently feeding the SD decoder.

Have got a new Explora 2 which I need to install as Primary Decoder. While also connecting the SD.

What is the best way to get these connected. If I use a multiswitch can the heartbeat from the Explora be used through multiswitch with Diplexor to the SD's RF port?

From what I understand if I used  a smart LNB instead the SD would use the Universal ports, but these cant access the heartbeat from the unicable ports which the Explora would be conencted on. So what is best option?