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Explora 3A Multiswitch

Red Carpet

Re: Explora 3A Multiswitch

The 24-1Z switch will allow an Explora 3A to be connected to it. The switch will support a 3-decoder combination on the Unicable ports.

The Universal ports, if available will support older decoders. and yes you can also use a diplexer if need be.

But as Jan says provide some more detail and we will be able to confirm how the decoders should be connected. Especially, tell us if you are in a complex or not and what are the connections available to you from the MUD installation.

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Re: Explora 3A Multiswitch

We need more information on what you want to do to be able to answer your question. What model multi switch and which other decoders do you want to connect to the 3A 

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New poster

Explora 3A Multiswitch

Will the A3 and Explora work trough multiswitch as well with plexer behind A3.