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Explora & Zapper Xtra view

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Re: Explora & Zapper Xtra view



All the connections are done and sorted .


will take it there then 


Re: Explora & Zapper Xtra view

Glad to help :-)

That is enough information to get info for how to fix the smartcard problem, but you would need to explain everything else if you later have other problems.


To fix a smartcard pairing error you have to take the Zapper in to Multichoice Africa. Sometimes their agents can also help.

Afterwards you can phone them to then make the XtraView work, or take both decoders in.


We can't help more with it here, your Multichoice is different to this one - even though they use the same content and some other things they don't work together.

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Re: Explora & Zapper Xtra view

1. Nigeria 


2. I am using the smart LNB and yes I am using the 2A model Explora.


3. I am seeing smart card pairing error on the zapper 










Re: Explora & Zapper Xtra view

1. Which country are you in?


2. Which Explora - the original first one, or the 2A model?


3. What is the error code number on the Zapper?


If you want help here you need to answer that and explain in detail how you've connected the decoders to the LNB, what type of LNB, how you've done the heartbeat (HB), and so on.


If you don't know, contact the person who helped you.



For those assisting - reminder that the zapper is a series 4 decoder, so does have an external smartcard and RF, but HB can't just automatically work via SLNB.

They're discontinued in the retail market in S.A. so then hard to replace.

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Explora & Zapper Xtra view

How do I go about , the setup is done for all, the zapper has smart card error.


What can I do to get it active