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Extraview 3 decoder setup

Red Carpet

Re: Extraview 3 decoder setup

Perhaps someone would try troubleshoot with you step by step here, but I suspect a new software problem may be rearing its ugly head again. My recommendation - if a call centre XV specialist can't help then take all 3 decoders in, but avoid less competent agencies.


Others that help are likely to be here by tonight if you want to try more. Cheers.


Re: Extraview 3 decoder setup

I reconnected the HB cable, still no signal. I swopped the cables to the Explora and 4U around on the SLNB, still no signal but Explora still working fine. I tried UI 5:1057, 6:1108 and 7:1159. Still no signal. Never had a problem with the Explora and 4U. Problems started when I tried to get help from the Call Centre. BLOODY HELL!!!!!

Red Carpet

Re: Extraview 3 decoder setup

If that doesn't work - note that some mixing of systems doesn't always work. We don't know the exact details of that, but you'll be mixing

diplexer-split Unicable HB with what's called "Uniview" HB (used by the 5 series).


The solution then is to use conventional RF-cabling HB, in one of a number of ways.

If not possible due to lack of conduit space etc., then a MC XV (XtraView) specialist is needed but not sure if they can make a plan.


Feedback will help us all learn more, if you have the time.

Red Carpet

Re: Extraview 3 decoder setup

@deonv wrote:

Please help as the call centre is absolutely useless. 

MC were supposed to pay some of us to help here, despite an approved budget and planning meetings with them they then dropped us without even letting us know... but that said, I'll just help you once quickly as there's some confusion about which of these decoders does what.


The 4 series are NOT able to get HB (HeartBeat) via SLNB (Smart LNB) without a diplexer - so get one for it.


Make sure both the 4 and 5 series decoders are both set to Unicable (may be called "SATCR Universal", I can't recall exactly.)


The 5 series actually has 2 tuners, so it requires 2 User Band Indexes.


Any 6 (3 + 2 + 1) independent Indexes can be used and in any order, make sure each one is using the correct Frequency for it.

Some prefer that the Primary Explora rather use the default Indexes 0, 1 & 2.

It's believed best to first enter all the Indexes, then the Frequencies.


All the best with it Cool.jpg


Extraview 3 decoder setup

I'm installaing 3rd decoder as following: 1. Smart LNB, 2. Primary Explora 2, 3. 1st secondary HD 4U, 2nd secondary HD 5U, no diplexers or switches, all connected to SLNB directly. Explora and 5S working fine but 4U no signal. I need to know what frequency and user index to set the 4U to, or whatever else  that will help me. Please help as the call centre is absolutely useless.