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Installation of Explora 2 in a complex

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Re: Installation of Explora 2 in a complex

Hi. I have a decorder (not explora) which is currently working well with good signal. From the wall I have two LNB's to the switch and then from the switch to the decorder. I didn't check UB's after resetting to factory default. Would the status light on the switch be on though if the signal was poor? 


Re: Installation of Explora 2 in a complex

You need to speak to your BC, or their installations representative - there can be all sorts of complications with setup requirements which vary from complex to complex.


My personal recommendation to all at this stage is to avoid the setup wizard's auto option, only use manual. I would do a reset to factory defaults first.


Do not try and use that setup section's "measurement" of signals on the whole, it's inacurate at best and used to be faulty - may still be.

Instead, check signals in: Help \ General Information \ Tuner Status

Tuner 1 - strength of 80%+ and quality of 90%+ expected.

Ignore tuner 2 (for recordings, else delivers inaccurate results).

Tuner 3 - strength of 70%+ and quality of 90%+ expected.


I'm not available again, all the best with it.

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Red Carpet

Re: Installation of Explora 2 in a complex

Any other decoders connected?

How many incoming feeds are there from the antenna system into your unit?

If only two then you may have an issue because of all the changes introduced lately by MC.

What are the default UBs after the reset to factory defaults?




Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM
New poster

Installation of Explora 2 in a complex

Hi guys. I have Explora 2 decorder and a smart switch 5-2; all connected and blue light on the switch is on. When I go through installation wizard it says signal strength or quality is poor? It's showing values on the frequency and indexes, tuners1-3 signal bars on the rifmg are all full and black shaded. Should I change the frequency values? To which values? Ive tried resetting to factory settings but no luck with signals? Please helo.