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NO Customer Service - Change of ownership


Re: NO Customer Service - Change of ownership

Why not just do a normal transfer ?  Fill in on behalf of your mom, attach copy of ID, your dad fills in his portion with his docs, he/you goes to an agency and submit the paperwork. 

SLNB LMX501| Explora 2A (Primary 4,5,6) Explora 2A (Secondary 0,1,2) | Xtraview - decoders same room | 3 distributed HDMI endpoints via 2x4 Matrix
and Cat6 | 200/100 Fibre (OpenServe/Afrihost Premium UnCapped) | HD 5S in holiday mode

NO Customer Service - Change of ownership

So can anyone please explain why I am not able to transfer ownership of a decoder from my deceased mum to my dad. They were married over 50 years in community of property, therfore they shared EVERYTHING and the longest living automatically inherits everything. However, DSTV requires me to get a Letter of Executorship from the High Court! I'm not tranfering the company! I am trying to change names on a decoder. The debit order for the account goes off my dad's bank account as it is. **bleep**??