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New Explora 3A no signal but only with longer unicable


Re: New Explora 3A no signal but only with longer unicable

The 5-1 switch do not have enough user bands to handle a Explora and a Explora 3A combination For that combination you need to either connect a second 5-1 switch in tandem or or switch to a SLNB preferable the LMX501. You will also need to connect a diplexer to enable the 3A to receive the heartbeat from the Explora. Alternative is to replace thee 501 switch with a 24-1Z swtch 

Explora 2A (primary) Explora 3A Secondary SLNB LMX501  Samsung S9   Samsung Tab

New Explora 3A no signal but only with longer unicable

Hey everyone, I would greatly appreciate some help.

This is my current setup (see attached sketch):

  • 2-cable LNB (not sure which model but I can go up to have a look if necessary) comes into room #1 and is connected to a 5-1 switch.
  • Explora 1 (model) is connected to the switch in the same cabinet as it in room #1.
  • HD PVR is connected to the switch and runs to the other side of the house in room #2.
  • The new addition -> Explora 3A in room #3 connected via coax to the switch in room #1. Room #3 used to be fed using RF out from Explora 1. This same coax cable is being used for the unicable connection.

Here's what happens:

  • Explora 3A works when placed in room #1.
  • Explora 3A does not work when placed in room #3. No signal on any of the tuners. There was signal on tuner 2 but I only saw that once and for a short time and I'm not sure what I did to get it to do that. Glitch?
  • Explora 1 works in both room #1 and #3.
  • Explora 3A and 1 work at the same time when Explora 3A is in room #1 and Explora 1 in room #3. In this case, both decoders work regardless of whether they are plugged into unicable-out A or B.
  • An interesting observation: with only the Explora 3A connected to the switch and in room #1, it seemed like the switch was not getting enough power as the light would periodically go off when it was tuning. Perhaps this is becase of a loose connector, if it isn't normal? There was no signal interruption.

Here's what I've tried:

  • Setting the decoders' tuner settings acording to the manual for switch 5-2.
  • Calling DSTV technical support only for the support agent to refuse to help me since the reason it is not working is because the decoder has not been added to my account and she couldn't seem to understand that I didn't want to get somebody out to sort it out.
  • In the above tests, the 2 cables for the HD PVR in room #2 were disconnected from the switch. I'd prefer to keep the XtraView HD PVR decoder but if it means additional expensive equipment, I'd rather not.

I see that the manual for the 5-1 switch says that 2 of the switches have to be used if an XtraView Explora setup is wanted as apposed to the 5-2 which says it can handle 2 Exploras. I would leave it as it is now but I'm doing a new setup for room #3 with the decoder in a media box on the back side of the wall and there isn't space/cooling for the Explora 1.

Everything seems to be working fine the way it is now but out of interest, should I expect to have any glitches/errors if we get the current switch/LNB combo to work? Explora 3A shows channel 100 perfectly. I'm going to phone tomorrow morning to add the extra decoder to the account. Perhaps the issues will come then?

Obviously I'd prefer not to have to replace the LNB/switch or to run more cables but I'll do it if necessary as I don't want to have to struggle with decoders not working properly.

Please excuse the crudeness but I have attached a sketch of the topography.

Many thanks, in advance.