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New explora 3 can't connect 2nd tv


Re: New explora 3 can't connect 2nd tv

Or return the 3A and replace with a 2A. 

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Re: New explora 3 can't connect 2nd tv

By spending more money!

1. Either you move the Explora 3A to the place where the second TV is installed and connect it via HDMI  or RCA  cables, or,

2. You buy an HDMI switch and extender to extend HDMI to the location of the second TV, or

3 You buy a tvLINK  compatible RF  modulator which will allow you to use the existing RF cabling you have.

There is another thread on the Community with the details of how to do option 2, 3.

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New explora 3 can't connect 2nd tv

Had an explora 3 installed but with no rf out I cannot connect my 2nd TV. Bhow do I get around this?