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RF Splitter/Amplifier not working


Re: RF Splitter/Amplifier not working

Hi GeoffD

I had a problem a couple months ago when the Info Central/ DecoderSetup type of my 3 decoders were all reset to 'Decoder 1' so that non of the decoders would work unless 2 were switched off. I had to manually reset the decoders to 'Decoder 1', Decoder 2' and Decoder 3' - that was after the daily 'mandatory' update settings on the decoder the night before. Still waiting for the solution from DSTV - phoned multiple times but i did fix it myself when I noticed the problem. No power sheading that I remember at that time.

See https://community.dstv.com/t5/Error-Codes/E-48-error-on-single-view-decoders/m-p/5314

I think it's the guys who do the firmware updates that's wehere the problem lies. They reset things that shouldn't be touched.

Anyway, it's conjecture at the moment as. It could be a 'reset' due to power loss but not all the configurations were reset. Also, we've had power failures in the past and this has not happened.

Don't know who does DSTV firmware updates but perhaps someone should ask them and confirm? Although I have a suspicion firmware updates are done overseas and not in RSA.


Red Carpet

Re: RF Splitter/Amplifier not working

This happened last night after LS? When did you notice it? This morning or after LS last night?


I had the same on my two 4 tuner Pace decoders. ALL defaults were reset after LS that we had between 19:00 and 21:00 last night.

So I am inclined towards believing that there is a set of circumstances that will after an LS event cause the decoders to reset to factory defaults, but what those circumstances are I don't know.

I did last night power down my decoders once LS kicked in because I used the opportunity to do some essential checking on my surge protection setup.

Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM

Re: RF Splitter/Amplifier not working

Thanks "Fred".


This kind of fiddling used to go on all the time, and has become much more frequent once more.

MC don't realise how all the frustrations they cause mount up, but methinks they're finally starting to see the consequences.......


RF Splitter/Amplifier not working

Another DSTV problem yesterday. Suddenly my external TVs, connected via RF cable, had snowy pictures and the 'Link Eye' was not illuminated. I have XtraView and the RF out of the decoders are connected in a  '3 input/ 2 Out' RF splitter. However 'heartbeat' between decoders was working.

I thought the RF splitter/amp had 'gone on the fritz' but checking the Explora decoder settings this morning I note the 'External Devices: TV Link/Aux Power' was set to 'Off' - thus there was no power through the RF Out of the Explora to power the RF splitter/amp......

No one had touched this setting so it must have been 'reset' with the daily decoder update on Thursday morning. Can't see the constant Load Shedding affecting this or any other setting ....

Setting the  'External Devices: TV Link/Aux Power' back to 'On' and the splitter/amp is now working again.

If one didn't know this could happen then one would get an installer in just to change the setting (which is under Help/General Information/Information Central - right at the bottom of the settings list) - or worse, go out and buy another RF splitter/amp which isn't needed.

Anyway FYI for the community.

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