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What is the most simple, and cost effective method for installation here?


What is the most simple, and cost effective method for installation here?

Hi all


Please can someone assist me, I will post our current set up at the end of those post, but I have decided to possibly redo our installation, as it's caused us nothing but issues, picture quality is grainy, and we have had past issues with the extraview losing it's signal, however I have since managed to sort this. 


We have a house with 5 bedrooms, each bedroom has a TV, which gets the picture from 2 DStv decoders (the small silver decoders) , one is in the lounge, one is in one of the bedrooms. We also have a terrestrial antenna, (one of those combined VHF/UHF antenns)which is used when people are using the DStv decoders for other channels, this is pointed at Constantia in Cape Town, as I have a direct line of sight to it from my roof.

I can, if I am advised to, reallign it to Tygerberg, however I have to buy a new mast. We are having issues at the moment, in our lounge all the channels from the antenna, and the picture from the DStv decoders are near perfect, there is minor ghosting on the analog SABC channels, however the lounge TV has a built in digital tuner, and if we want to watch SABC in the lounge, we just use the digital tuner, as all the channels are in HD. 

In the bedrooms however is a different story, in my bedroom, I run the coax cable through an old VCR, as my antenna input on my TV is stuffed, and the VHF channels come in clearly (SABC 1/2), however SABC3 and E-TV, which are UHF are extremely grainy, in another bedroom, it's a similar story, except probably not as bad, although this morning, the quality was worse than last night in all bedrooms. 

Here is our current setup, I installed most of this. 

The Antenna/Extraview setup:
1. Antenna, and the extraview cable from the decoder in the bedroom, run into a T-Join in the roof
2.Extraview cable from the T-Join connects into the RF-output on the second decoder, there is nothing connected into the RF input on the second decoder.
3.The T-Join runs into an antenna booster behind the TV.
4.This runs into the RF input on the DStv decoder in the lounge (Main DStv decoder)

Distribution to the rooms:
1. RF Output from the decoder runs into a tap splitter, this is also behind the TV.
2.The "in" on the tap splitter is from the decoder.
3."Tap" runs to the RF input, for the TV in the lounge - Picture quality on this TV is 100% perfect, for both DStv decoders, Analogue TV, and Digital.
4. "Out" on the splitter runs to another T-Join in the roof
5.The T-Join in the roof, connects to two splitters in the roof
6. One of these splitters, is a 1 in, three out, this feeds the first three rooms in the house.
7.Second splitter is 1 in, two out, this feeds the last two rooms.

If anyone is able to provide assistance, it will be greatly appreciated.