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Red Carpet

Re: xtraview

To add to jan's post.

It is many many years since decoders could share a single LNB port. That all fell away when MC started to make use of both polarisations (VER and HOR).


Right now, the ^-series decoders are able to operate on a single Universal LNB, BUT with vastly reduced functionality and plenty of daily issues.

The 6-series will work best as the Primary decoder with the 11xx series as the secondary.

The 1132 is SATCR compatible and should work on a Unicable port but will require specific settings which means you will have to make sure the 6-series does not clash with those settings.

And a diplexer, NOT a 2-way splitter, is required IF you choose to feed the HB over the unicable cabling.

1132 does not have sufficient power feed available to drive a Unicable LNB either, hence why it cannot reliably be the Primary decoder.







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Re: xtraview

You cannot split the signal form a single LB using a splitter to feed two decoders. For the setup of a 1132 decoder and 6HD you will need a SLNB and a Diplexer to combine the Heart beat signal from the 1132 decoder to the antenna feed of the 6HD decoder. It is also recommended that you use the 6HD as primary instead.

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I please need some advise on this setup i wanna do. I wanna use single lnb connect to 2way signal splitter and from there 1 wire to model Dsd1132 decoder(primary) and second wire to a new model 6 hd decoder as a secondary decoder. Why i use a two signal splitter the shop owner tells me i can use it as heartbeat as well is it true will this setup works thank you.