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Radical changes to the 5 music channels

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Radical changes to the 5 music channels

To whom it may concern,

Could someone please explain why dstv appears to have embarked on a radical Africanisation of Channels 321/2/5/6/7?

I have no problem with showcasing local and focusing on the rest of Africa, but is it really necessary to completely block out mainstream artists on these 5 channels like Maroon 5; Imagine Dragon; Panic! At the disco; Charlie Puth; Taylor Swift; Selena Gomez; Pharrel Williams; Demi Lovato; 21 Pilots; the Chainsmokers; et al the list is endless.

Channel 325 used to be the go-to channel for great music but now the offering is terrible!

And please note that I am an anomoly in that I at 64 have a fairly eclectic taste in music.