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Dead forum. Oops...


Re: Dead forum. Oops...

I think to be responsible it's best to add this practicality post.

What can MC actually do about this?
Well, even though the old forum would have worked as a central social media platform due to Tapatalk, they're possibly now locked into a contract with Lithium.
Software improvements were needed, but then why no serious attention to what we've pointed out is so lacking here? It's no secret that there was an already approved budget for the help project that later "dissolved"... Perhaps it's the since worsened economy, but aren't customer needs priority for a customer services based company??
A lack of attentive or capable enough Mods isn't new either so maybe, as some of us touched on before, it's more about the structure here? The new categories improved it quite a bit but it's still difficult to move around, and sloooow (due to being hosted internationally and other factors). There's also too much space on threads here, and too little general data-info such as the post number and other things that are normal in the bulletin board world.

One idea a couple of us have tossed around re the tech side of things, beyond any direct involvement by MC (there is a bit of that again but not enough quality / quantity) - I don't say this is the answer or will even work at all, but maybe allow the top helpers to try get a sponsorship - just a simple mention in their signatures that they shop for tech equipment at the X shop, and perhaps the odd included-in-a-post suggestion without going overboard.
The thing is public tech help in this industry is complex so rare in this population, and needs multiple people with different periods of availability and areas of expertise and experience, and needs to be based where people will find it - on MC's turf. And obviously those already paying for a service are not interested in being charged more so funding can't be sourced there, especially not from those doing DIY which largely exists due to people wanting less and less expense involved as possible.

As for feedback - it needs to be pushed back up several notches, much of it is clearly only lip service and the Mods likely have little more to offer so it's not necessarily their fault. People come to the forum for real answers.

Here's hoping for some sort of brighter future, we all like this company's products to some extent and it would be nice to see it look mostly impressive again in a fair amount of time, as it was years ago.
Thanks for hearing us.



Re: Dead forum. Oops...

True, true


Re: Dead forum. Oops...

Well said 

Red Carpet

Re: Dead forum. Oops...

I have to agree.... MC has managed to take something very useful to a large number of people and ruin it. There is very little of value still happening here... R.I.P.


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Dead forum. Oops...

So MC, as we can all see this forum is near dead. No specific negative encouragement from anyone which then set it in motion, just a fact re what "value" regulars are finding here.


Maybe now you'll listen to reasonable comment?

Not that I have anything further political to say myself...