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Kudos for SABC 1

Red Carpet

Re: Kudos for SABC 1

Ja we have been watching sabc for a long time. The quality is excellent, their scheduling is stable if not always accurate, and the series are good. Old seasons, but that has never bothered us very much.

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Re: Kudos for SABC 1

I also recently started watching Knightfall on SABC 3. Can't say that there is anything I really noticed wrong


Talking about the program itself. And sabc in HD makes the world of difference 


Kudos for SABC 1

It's been ages since I watched SABC. Don't get me wrong, we all know there's still many problems there but I did have a nice surprise last night.


Recorded a movie from SABC 1, which in my experience has for years been the worst of the three channels, in so many ways.

Anyway, this was the new experience;

Logo is now small and not too loud

Logo doesn't "dance" like it used to.

No huge pop-up messages that so many channels now annoy their audience with.

Ad breaks were kept to a reasonable length.

Almost on schedule, as good as any other channel.

Movie choice was really decent, best available in our case. (There were others elsewhere last night but we had seen all of it recently.)