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Local Drama The Herd, returns


Local Drama The Herd, returns

the-herd-hero.jpgSource: https://www.dstv.co.za/whats-on/shows/best-of-local/the-herd/Local series The Herd makes a return to our screens on 7 April at 20:00 on Mzansi Magic. Watch as Bheki comes to terms with the truth about his wife, who has committed evil acts for money and power.

Will Mam’Ngandi be able to face her family after her true-wicked-self has been revealed to her family? How does she plan to redeem herself after she has been the warlock of the village?

Kayise also returns in Season 2. How will she manage to stay at her father’s farm after all the turmoil she’s experienced there? Join us every Sunday evening as it all unfolds. The story telling is sure to leave you in awe.