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Local sources' lack of content stability


Local sources' lack of content stability

Are things getting worse in this regard, or just coincidental timing?


Recently we discussed how SABC had cut doing live broadcasts of the Proteas cricket games, presumably due to lack of performance and their budget (in the cricket thread).


Now I've discovered that e Movies Extra (ch. 140 on DStv) decided to end their James Bond movies festival at the 2002 "Die Another Day" movie - there's nothing new for more than a week after, even repeats come to an end.

Presumed due to the higher cost of more recent releases, what else could it be?


It's the same old argument as the one given for burgers - do we rather want a thinner beef patty and bun, or to pay more?

Nobody wants either of course, but in my experience most seem to rather tolerate an increase.


Not sure if that thinking applies in this "luxury" industry though, but are we then to blame with our attitude - no, not with the FTA channels part of it, there's nothing reasonable about the corners they're cutting here. Does anybody care about the all important customers factor anymore??