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Sky Sport bulletin intrusive advertising


Re: Sky Sport bulletin intrusive advertising

More lack of QA... more lack of sense in over-automating...


Heaven help us if this country ever gets automatically driven vehicles! <EEK>

(Not that I think it can ever work well enough anywhere without a sentient & conscious being in control.)


The worst part - they know the Sky News problem, they should be keeping a regular eye on it :-(

Still occasionally see them messing up the program Click on 400 BBC World.

New poster

Sky Sport bulletin intrusive advertising

Sky News has a short sport bulletin at approximately 25 minutes past the hour.  A long while ago - probably years - the preceding adverts used to cut into the start of the 7h25 bulletin.  I complained at the time and MC blamed Sky.  Whoever's fault it was, it eventually came right.  But for a long while now it has returned with a vengeange at 7h25.  (When the UK is on Summer Time as they are now.)  By comparing it with the 8h25 (which is usually OK) it seems that the missing part is about 30 seconds or even a minute.  I have also now started noticing it during the day.  I think in the past week it has happened three times at 13h25.  (Although today the problem bulletin was after 13h30. )  I have even seen it happen going into the main news on the hour.


The sport bulletin is short, and typically the news regarded as most  important begins it.  And most times the ads are for DStv.  Or what wonderful work is done by MC or its agents.  Does no-one  realise the idiocy of preaching to existing subscribers while cutting into a very short bulletin that subscribers have been waiting to view?  I thought MC has been bemoaning the loss of premium subscribers.