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Story for Carte Blanche - (re-posted due to spam moderator)


Re: Story for Carte Blanche - (re-posted due to spam moderator)

@Nontsiki_DStv1   then responded with;


"Hi @Optimist. The team has advised that you will need to fill in the 'Tip Us Off" form which can be found via this link: https://m-net.dstv.com/show/carte-blanche/tip%20us%20off"


I then responded with;


"Thanks, but not interested in being part of a million different sections of MC & co. - they can use it or lose it. Also not interested in following up with any on-camera interviews etc., it's just a story lead for them to consider. Thanks again"


Story for Carte Blanche - (re-posted due to spam moderator)

The spam moderator is over reacting again and chewed up the original version of this thread, and now editing that in the spam section doesn't work, and it can't be deleted again so just hangs around 4eva in that useless place.

This thread will be deleted (if possible) if that thread reappears....


I posted the following;


Mods, please pass on to Carte Blanche.

(Sorry if spacing isn't working - forum technical fault.)


Subject: Exchange control abuses via our banks


1. I receive internationally sent funds at times via my Standard Bank savings account. Recently they started demanding a response re its usage before releasing the funds to me. It's small amounts, but that's not the point. I told them no - they are interfering with my constitutional right to privacy, and the reserve bank has no dealings with the public.

They told me that they are obliged to cooperate with the reserve bank's "request". When refusing, I was told I would not be given a choice re the processing of the funds, they would now automatically just go into my account. Sounds like a nonsense "threat" to me, that's all I want them to do anyway...

On a later occurrence with the same issue, they were more insistent... but gave in when I made it clear I would not cooperate. I'm now told to just ignore the communications, and funds do arrive... at this stage anyway.


2. My one friend tried to buy Bitcoin through an exchange he's used before, via the same bank. He had his account frozen for "his security" and had to answer ridiculous questions.

When he had it happen again he tried to take it further, got nowhere and nobody would admit that they were trying to control his international purchases...


Yesterday, when trying again he's now been told that he has to give them info re what he's using the funding for. Again - interference with our financial privacy.

He's giving nonsense reasons why, like suggesting that a few Rands are being used to buy a Lamborgini :-D


The reasoning we both got as part of our feedback was that the criminal element in this country makes this a requirement for all. Rubbish!