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The Lounge


Re: The Lounge

"You Won’t Believe What These Historical Figures Actually Looked Like"



Red Carpet

Re: The Lounge SuperSport Building damaged by a Fire?

I see sometime this past week that MCs supersport building caught fire?

Octo LNB; 2 by 2x4 MS; 2 by ES 5-2; Dedicated PSU for LNB, ES's, MS's; HD PVR 4P x 2; Explora 1; DSD 660; FSM
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Re: The Lounge

Haven't really had a look around as you put it. Did glance at one or two of the topics but that's about it. Been otherwise occupied for most of the day. Lying on the bed watching the rugby etc. But will look more intently at the content at a later date. Although, from what little I have seen, it seems like it is once again a Forum where us Forumites rant and rave, come up with some suggestions but that's about it. Nothing gets done? But this may be a little unfair on my part because, as I say, I haven't really studied the topics too much. 


Re: The Lounge

I'm sure it's got all of us concerned JP, but that is indeed leaning far too much towards being political on a forum about a TV broadcast company and its offerings. MC might well consider that discussion dangerous for this platform.

Even Carte Blanche seems shy of that one.


Re: The Lounge

I don't want to get political but **bleep** ESKOM




Why the hell are they giving Zimbabwe power. If they barely have enough to power its home country



don't get me started on the bill they owe Eskom 


Re: The Lounge

All good @Beetle 

So I see you've had a look around there now, what are your impressions?

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Re: The Lounge

Optimist, I'm not sure I'll be of any benefit to the group. If you think the group and whatever discussions they may have could be of interest to me then please send me an invite and I'll take a look at it. Just as long as it doesn't cause any problems for future applicants? You may wish to keep the group for triallists, technical people etc and not open it to all and sundry. That is non-technical people like me. Perhaps consider what the group was set up for and then take it from there. 

But thanks anyway. 


Re: The Lounge

Haha :-D

No rift or anything like that, the entrance has just been made easier to find now so it's causing new interest.

Actually you'd be very welcome @Beetle  .


If you want I'll send you an invite - if you decide to have a look and it's too boring or maybe confusing for your interests you could always then ignore the section, or they even have an option to leave the group.


BTW, it's usually as quite in there as it is out here...

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Re: The Lounge

Krugie. Final, I think, word on my Box. 

I had been casting from my Tablet to the box and then watching the content, 3rd Party App, on my bedroom tv. This because the Box had no direct link to the internet via a web browser. I did follow your suggestion and requested the Box find a web browser for me but that was a waste of time because what it gave me was something unusable. Or was unusable as far as I was concerned. I tried downloading the Apps via a USB port using a Flash Drive but also to no avail. Box linked to the Flash Drive but when I wanted to open one of the files on the Flash Drive nothing happened. Frustrations.

I then was looking at You Tube because I noticed there was some App that one could purchase for around R15 which would enable one to do a download. While looking there I noticed another link as to how to get the Downloader onto the Box. A Downloader that was already in the Play Store!!! I had tried searching in the Play Store for this but without any luck. However, it is hidden in one of the News Categories at the very bottom of the home page of the Box. Once I had that installed I was able to download the Apps I wanted onto the Box. Just needed to enter the www...... address and take it from there. 

I have mentioned all of this 1) to inform you of my current status regarding the Box 2) in case this may be of some assistance to you (or others) 3) to give you, and others, something to read and put you to sleep. 

Once again thanks for your assistance with this Box of mine. 

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

Apologies if I started something that has caused some sort of rift here. I was just curious as to what this group was all about. GeoffD explained and, as I don't think I can contribute anything constructive in a technical manner, nor am I part of the trial group so I won't be making application to join. 

To those working behind the scenes for the betterment of our DStv viewing may you continue the good work that you are doing. Or at least trying to do. Seems from earlier post that you aren't receiving much assistance. 

Edit: Reading this again it may seem as if I'm a cranky old man upset at having been left out, quiet Optimist - ha ha, but that's not the way it should be taken. I sincerley wish nothing but the best to this group of people.