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Re: The Lounge

Ya, there's a lot wrong.

There's also a few good efforts though, and with pressure they do seem to listen sometimes, to a degree anyway... I'm convinced History channel would be long gone by now if it weren't for the public reaction.


So here's hoping...


And, I'm about to start a related blog of sorts in the Sports section about ROA, it's some strong news so please read it carefully as I'm really not trying to start a riot and some of it is a good sign in some respects, IMO. (Only Geoff knows what it's about.)

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Re: The Lounge

Not too sure what the content is that you are referring to but will agree that there is far too much repeats taking place across the channels.

Month or two back saw there was a new series of Peaky Binders starting on one of the channels. A show I've been watching and only to be disappointed when I discovered I'd seen this series already. So, if new on the current channel, then it must have been previously screened on one of the other channels. Same applied to Vera season ...... whatever. So, although these programmes are "new" on a particular channel they have been seen before. I would imagine that these two programmes are not the only ones where this is happening. But, in this case, I don't think Multichoice can be blamed for these kind of repeats. Being the first time on a particular channel means that for Multichoice to take this up with the channel concerned is also not going to do any good. 

Multichoice ARE in a tricky financial situation and balancing their books is not going to be easy. The days when they were making huge profits, I believe they were, are long since gone. Too many streaming sites are now available. A very shortsighted view on their part was introducing DStv Now as they currently have it. But I won't go there.

Subscribers no longer have the money to waste on the Premium package and are downscaling at a rapid rate. Either to Compact or one of the lower level packages or discontinuing DStv altogether. Even by downscaling I think there's a loss of R300 per subscriber per month. Last time they released data regarding this I think there were 1000's of Premium subscribers that either downscaled or left altogether.

Sorry, once again I've gone off track a little bit. Last year Multichoice didn't bring us some football events and faced a lot of backlash from the supporters. This year we have those games back on our screens. Think Multichoice underestimated the following that European football has in this country. They tried to excuse it by saying they had some South American(?) football instead. That these games have very limited following in this country didn't seem to bother them. Nor that the games were broadcast during the early hours of the morning. This is what I mean by having quality content rather than just content.

Don't be surprised to see more channel losses and repeats in the coming months. But the time will come when their cost cutting of channels will come to an end and it will then depend on what they will still be providing as to how much longer Multichoice, in it's current form, will be our, my, tv provider.


Re: The Lounge

MC's greatest cost saving is using recycling. I notice more and more content being recycled each day 😈


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Re: The Lounge

i agree with @Beetle, more local content isnt all  a bad idea depends on what kind of "local content" SABC looking at you. Not enough international content is a bad thing too


lets hope this isn't a cut of you're nose to spite your face situation 



we all know times can be tough, tv is no different

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

Removing content and replacing it with Local content in itself isn't altogether a bad business decision. We have had series like Egoli and now, although I haven't watched it yet, Trackers that have done reasonably well and attracted the viewers. Sure there must be one or two others. However if Multichoice go the cost cutting route purely for the sake of cutting expenses and do not replace those channels that they have removed with decent content for all subscribers then I can see them slowly, or perhaps not so slowly, sinking. They've removed some channels in an effort to cut these costs of theirs but what happens next? I belong to a Pensioners Facebook Group and all I see there are people telling of how they've left Multichoice and haven't regretted it. Others are looking at alternatives to DStv and enquiring about streaming services.

Personally I'd hate to see DStv start offering a poor viewing experience by losing even more channels because they need to cut costs. It's a vicious circle that they need to negotiate and do so with some intelligence. Remove, repeat too much content and subscribers will start looking elsewhere, as they have already started doing. Right now I like DStv for the Sports channels and only keep it for this purpose. Pretty certain I'm not the only subscriber that's doing so. Increase our fees and take away some channels and I can watch on an alternative streaming site. For FREE!!!! Legal? Maybe not but it's R900 cheaper and I'll be watching what I want without it being a repeat.


But, for now, I'll stay with DStv.

As for their "innovation in customer care" statement..................................

Red Carpet

Re: The Lounge

Creative bookkeeping at its best.

Let them keep farming backwards.

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Re: The Lounge

@krugie wrote:

more cost-effective local content

I wonder if this relates to their fight with A & E (re discontinued 170 C&I channel)...


Or maybe it means replacing things with more local content.



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Re: The Lounge

So MC released their interim financial report......


Revenue was up 4% and core headline earnings up 24%. Also interesting the average revenue per user in SA was R292 compared to R111 in the rest of Africa. But the final paragraph is the highlight and perfectly summarises what we are all suffering from..... Most of the issues I highlighted are not leading to anything POSITIVE!


“The group’s cost-saving objectives for FY20 remain on track with R700 million in costs eliminated from the base during 1H FY20, mainly as a result of the continued shift in spend towards more cost-effective local content, innovation in customer care, contract renegotiations, hardware savings and the introduction of platform efficiencies.”

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Re: The Lounge

@GeoffD wrote:

I see sometime this past week that MCs supersport building caught fire?

Very few reports had any facts, Eye Witness News online at least had some detail;


JOHANNESBURG - Joburg emergency services officials have begun investigating the cause of a fire at the MultiChoice building in Randburg.

The blaze affected the technical side of the building.

The property was evacuated and some employees were treated for smoke inhalation.

Staff said that the fire began just after 1pm on Tuesday afternoon.

ER24's Russel Meiring: "ER24 paramedics along with the provincial fire services and some other services were on scene at a structural fire in Randburg. ER24 paramedics and several other services evacuated the building. One of the offices inside the structure had caught alight. The provincial fire services were able to extinguish the blaze fairly quickly."

The scene has been cordoned off and no one is being allowed to enter the building.

The extent of the damage was not yet known.

Meanwhile, SuperSport has announced it has had to make changes to its programming due to the blaze.

The channel said that it would broadcast international news feeds until normal programming could resume.