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The Lounge

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Re: The Lounge

Firstly I don't think that we should simply accept bad service from any provider. So, I'm not going to stop complaining or/complimenting someone, or some organisation as I see fit. We stop complaining and sit back and do nothing and, in the case of Multichoice we lose content. Yes, like the FA Cup matches. So, complaining has it's uses and helps keep companies on their toes. Even if some companies take little to no notice of the complaints. Ok, sometimes perhaps I also need to understand that I cannot always get what I want and maybe go overboard in asking for something but I'll rather ask/complain and receive an answer. Even if it's an answer I don't want to hear. 
Perhaps Optimist has the right idea and companies need to learn from their mistakes but I'll stick to my being a complaining nuisance and pest. 

Then secondly, may I wish everyone who reads this message a very HAPPY NEW YEAR and may you all be blessed with much happiness and good fortune during 2019. If driving anywhere, whether it be on holiday or simply going visiting, please take care on the road and get back safely. Here's to a wonderful 2019 to you all. God bless. 


Re: The Lounge

My New Year's resolution - try to complain / report less, companies must learn from their mistakes if service can ever be hoped to improve.

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

Thanks JeanP and the same to you and your family. Also to anyone else who happens to be reading this may you, and your families, have a blessed Christmas with much joy, peace and happiness. God bless you all. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!


Re: The Lounge

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄🎄
Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

GeoffD is it only the servers that are overseas or are those moderating our posts from this Community Site also stationed there? I always thought that this site was being run locally? However, whether locally or from overseas MC need to get people at the top who know what they are doing. Whoever is now in charge, or has been for the past three or so years, is making a complete mess of things. Both with their Forums and content. Better just leave it there. For now anyway.

As for Facebook and Twitter? I do see a couple of "helps" being given there by MC personel but it's mostly of the "send me your details via DM and someone will contact you" reply. Which is great and to be appreciated but often, as we saw on the old forum, answers given by the "knowledgeable ones" here, were of considerable help to others as well. I know that some of the help offered to others went a long way to assisting me as well. Obviously, there are certain queries that need to be confidential but certainly not every one. 

Will agree though that one needs to be careful about who one has as a friend on Facebook. Even then one can still get inundated with some unwanted news feeds. But overall, I find Facebook a way of keeping in contact with family and friends from upcountry and a few overseas. This doesn't mean I haven't deleted some. 


Re: The Lounge

I deleted my Facebook account when I got fed up with all the fake news and other tripe that my "friends" felt obliged to share with me. It is not that easy to get out of face book permanently. Just google it and find out how to go about it. Twitter I never joint and never will 

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Re: The Lounge

[line inserted to fool that spam control filter]


Unfortunately, MC believed the Lithium snake oil salesman and destroyed a vibrant forum consisting of concerned customers and  MC people who took service delivery seriously. It turned this into a non-existent contact point as a result.


It is the same with the other one the Telkom Lithium Community.  It is dead. There are only two people on there that want to communicate, with NO Telkom monitoring or involvement at all. You can guess who those two people are.

And MC just refuses to accept, that not everyone wants to join the Facebook and Twitter social media sites.

So yes at the moment, there is only a very small handful of us left who help with installation issues. 

The Knowledge Base has not been activated, we are not allowed to create our own blogs, the basic functionality of the SW is full of holes, and just about nothing has been attended to, to fix blatant errors in the implementation.

The only major move I have seen is that the Community is now hosted out of Switzerland instead of the USA, which still makes no sense at all to me. I presume the mass exodus of technical personnel to Irdeto in the Netherlands somehow has influenced that move.

Correction, that was yesterday. The Community is now hosted on a server IN the Netherlands. Must have moved over last night. Explains why the Community went off last night for a while.

At least the Community is now free of the Optinet and Mweb mess! But the RTT is now 213ms or more because of the servers' location overseas (ixdnr77584.lithium.com []), on rather messy routings via Germany.






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Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

Well, sitting around with nothing better to do so thought I'd get involved in some enlightening conversations here on the Community Forum. WOW!!! No replies to my football post nor the lounge post for over a week!!! Nothing new been posted either. Also made some comment about some rubbish I'd seen and that also fell down flat!! (Blade Runner 2049). 

I can fully understand there being no responses to any of my posts but for nothing new being posted on any of those threads is highly surprising and is indicating the end of the Community. Did see something posted by Optimist regarding slipping standards by Mnet, I think it was? Personally, if I had any DStv shares I'll seriously be considering selling them. Notice that Showmax is closing in some or other country up north as well. (Whether I'm allowed to state these things here or not I don't really care anymore. MC don't seem to bother with this Community Forum and very few others even visit. Or if they do they merely look at what the upcoming highlights are). 

Ok will check in again sometime in the future. Just when I don't know. Such a pity how what was once a vibrant, entertaining and highly informative site, the old one, has now become a pitiful and very poor Community Forum. Sad. Really sad. 

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

GeoffD - thanks for the link but it's not all that important so I'll let it go. 


Optimist - you disappoint me. I'm going to miss the banter. And the insults. At the moment I'm receiving lots of insults and "advice" from the wife but I've long since learnt how to turn a deaf ear to her comments. Too late in life to change that now. 


Krugie and JeanP - Yes, I notice that most of the posts currently being made are coming from yourselves in the Series or Movies Section. I haven't looked to see how many views each post is receiving but I wouldn't be surprised if the totals are down compared to a few months ago. Also wondering how most are now receiving their help from MC? Help which they could have previously received from the "intelligent ones" here. 

Anyone got anything interesting to say, add? 

Red Carpet

Re: The Lounge

@JeanP wrote:

Seems to be dying very slowly and painfully


Yup - exactly like I predicted it was going to quite early on - due to lack of MC involvement.


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