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Yep. Been doing this for a good few years now. However, we don't use bags for this recycle stuff. We have a bin similar to the garbage wheelie bin only a bit smaller. Plastics, paper etc goes into this bin. Truck comes around once a week, for us it's on a Monday, and empties the bin into a truck of theirs. Just like they do with the garbage. The garbage is cleared on a Tuesday and not by the same people. 

Only problem I have with this system is that the wife persists in washing the recycleable (spelling) plastics before placing them in the bin. She mostly does this when washing our dishes and I therefore, being the official drying of the dishes officer, end up having to dry these items. Grumble grumble. But I think the ruling is that only clean recycleable plastic items are to be placed into these bins?


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Recycling has been happening for some time in certain suburbs of Cape Town, one of them being where I live, although I've no idea how they decided on which suburbs to do it in and what plans there are to roll it out to other areas.


Anything to be recycled needs to be put in a clear plastic bag, which gets collected on the same day as the normal rubbish collection, but it's by a different company, so happens later in the day.  This does cause a bit of a problem as "bin scratchers" will often tear open the bags containing recycling and either dump the contents in the wheelie bin or just leave it with a gaping hole and the potential for the contents to get strewn everywhere.


While I know I'm coming at this from a priviledged position and can't fathom what it must be like to have to search through other people's rubbish in order to get by, it is still annoying to have my effort at recycling be ruined by this behaviour.  As an attempt to combat this I put the recycling out as I leave for work with the theory being that the bin scratchers will have done their rounds by then, although I've no idea how successful this is.


Re: The Lounge

For those who don't know yet - there's a new(?) municipal recycling "effort" underway, and in our area anyway it's being conducted in typical S.A. "style" - nothing done yet and total confusion...

So here's the details, maybe someone can help shed light on what is really going on, TIA.


2 weeks ago we received a bag marked as being for recycled waste and a pamphlet in our house's mailbox - already a bad idea as items are stolen from that, which is why we use a post office postbox.


The claim is that they will collect on another day, and a neighbour says she's seen their green truck for this nearby. But no truck ever came here, and for the last 2 weeks we've had no further bags.

We then tried putting it next to our ordinary garbage (as suggested in their pamphlet's one pic), but it's then left behind...



Well, for starters they threatened in the pamphlet that if need be this will be made compulsory, so will have everyone around here in a semi panic, as I doubt they'll accept these individual ideas.

1. Use a P&P or other store that offers the collection option.

Prob with that one is that our local BIG P&P has tiny bins for it, each about the size of a kitchen bin.

2. Hide it among your normal rubbish - what we're doing for now, but it's ridiculous and seems sneaky even though that's even more ridiculous!!

3. Saw today that the men who go around collecting this kind of waste from dustbins on the street seem quite happy to just take the bags, even look pleased about it.

Which has me wondering... what's the point if this is the kind of rubbish they remove from us, and is this maybe municipal greed as they want those profits for themselves?? (Hope I'm wrong, would be nice to think they're trying to do the right thing instead.)

Aren't they also just wasting petrol and labour etc. costs by using a second truck anyway, when this is supposed to be a savings exercise??


Hope others can add info / ideas about this latest craziness......


Re: The Lounge

@Beetle great news was looking for that media box too. Wasn't happy with their "specials"


Was actually really disappointed with the overall sale


As @krugie said nonwhere near ultimate sale 

Red Carpet

Re: The Lounge

Very interesting yes. I actually went onto Takealot yesterday as well to have a look and saw the parallel import issue. They have the item listed twice - one "standard" product and then this import - and only the imported one on special. I still wanted to post about it here but got side-tracked. The R999 is a GREAT price! I assume you did confirm it is the S model and not the standard Mi Box. Smiley LOL

MyBroadband actually tested the Takealot sale this morning and the results show that this sale is nowhere near an "Ultimate" sale or  the initial promises. Takealot has been in hot water before for inflating prices before applying "discounts". They do sometimes offer real good value but it is always best to shop around before buying anything from them!


Takealot’s Ultimate Checkout deals tested


Octo-LNB to 24-1z/5.2 switches. Explora1 (Prim) & HDPVR 2P (Sec), Samsung 55" UA55F8500 Smart 3D LED TV, HDMI picture & audio via Onkyo TX-NR626
receiver. Explora 2 in bedroom, HDMI picture & audio to Samsung 32" UA32F5500 Smart LED TV. 100Mbps M-Web fibre (OpenServe).
Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

Sorry to bore you with my ongoing Media Box saga but I THINK Krugie may be slightly interested to hear what the latest is regarding this saga. 

I took Krugie's advice and waited for the Takealot three day special to see what they would be offering the Mi Box S Media Player for on their special offering. The usual price is advertised as being R1499 and on the special it was going for R1199. Not a bad saving. Until I noticed it was a parallel import. Wasn't too happy about this so sent off a message, via Takealot's website, asking them some questions about this offer. To date I have not yet received any reply. 

Anyway, this morning I somehow, and I have no recollection of just why or how I did, came across an advert from Incredible Connection. For today only, and ordering online, that same device, which I'm assuming is not a parallel import and carries a 12 month guarantee, is available for ...... R999. Including delivery. 

I now sit and await delivery of said article. 

Krugie, be prepared for many more questions. Ha ha and ha ha. Once again thanks for the advice you have given me. So far..........

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

Unfortunately most of the posts have been by one selfish individual. Sorry about that. Heck, not even Optimist contributed much. Tsk tsk. Smiley LOL


Re: The Lounge

Thought I'd mention this is the busiest the Lounge has been ever on new forum 

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

GeoffD reading your enquiry again I seem to think you are more asking what's the advantages of having a LIT box? This LIT box appears to be the same as the Mi Box that I'm interested in getting and which Krugie has been referring to. 

Excuse me if I'm being stupid or perhaps treating you as if you don't know anything about these boxes as I try to explain a little bit about them. Advantage of these boxes is that they connect via HDMI cable to your tv. You therefore won't need an Explora or similar to watch Netflix or Showmax. I'm assuming that DStv would already be shown on the tv. If not then these boxes often come with DStv connected as well. There may be other offerings/streaming sites out there that you can download to the device, provided it is Google Certified. By my understanding if a device is not Google Certified then it can only download apps from the Google Store. Being Google Certified you can then download third party apps. Basically that is it. As far as I know. So, if like me, you have a TV that doesn't have an Explora linked to it you currently cannot access Showmax. Nor Netflix should you have a Netflix account. This Telkom LIT box will enable you to do so. 

As you may have read these boxes go for around R1000 - R1500 and possibly a bit more. From what investigations I have done into purchasing one of these boxes it would seem that the Mi Box is the best. But if you receiving this box from Telkom for free it may not be too bad an offer. Provided of course you are happy having Telkom as your service provider? 


Just hope I haven't bored you with details that you already are aware of. 

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: The Lounge

Sorry for yet another post but neglected to say that I'm currently paying R575 for my fibre service. 

(Don't like editing original post because of what happened before where the whole post just disappeared)