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When will SABC 2 go HD?

Community Manager

Re: When will SABC 2 go HD?

Hi krugie, JeanP and Optimist.  We are enquiring with the team. We'll revert back as soon as we have feedback. 


Re: When will SABC 2 go HD?

No actual date was given beyond that mention of July after World Cup, but at the time of the other two going HD there was already a clearly identifiable test channel for SABC 2 HD.

So it seems they just have to turn it on when they're meant to.


Mods please find out for us, thanks.


Re: When will SABC 2 go HD?

Yip. They did say July after World cup

Red Carpet

When will SABC 2 go HD?

(No really sure where to post this - it's not strictly Technical Help or Decoders & Gadgets. What's On doesn't feel right either but at least the Local sub-section kinda does. Man Happy )


When will SABC 2 be upgraded to HD? I'm sure we were told that it would be by end July or just after the World Cup? (Secretly hoping it will be combined with a further batch of HD upgrades....)


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