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An end to M-Net & co. as people's channels?


Re: An end to M-Net & co. as people's channels?

We're also thinking of cutting the cord. As soon as a legal sport streaming service becomes available, bye bye MC. Might even downgrade to Compact before then considering the current state of SA rugby.


Re: An end to M-Net & co. as people's channels?

Completely agree BB.



Since the fuse that lit this thread is the latest ch. 109 carry-on, a bit more about that;


Recorded the earlier mentioned movie, then later looked at what can be done.

Nothing re the distortion unless your TV has unusual "in-between" settings like my old Philips LCD panel. Changing the decoders' ARC settings won't help at all.


Then noticed yet another issue, which is also not at all new to the group's "experience" - the audio channels are the wrong way around.



Bye (Discovery channels adjustments will be made to the final post of the "floating tech sticky", probably late on Monday.)


Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: An end to M-Net & co. as people's channels?

With the past experiences that I've seen regarding the Pop Up channels I haven't even bothered to look at this latest offering. Not surprised though to hear that the logo is again being obtrusive.

Not going to enter into the demographics of the people working at MC but there has definitely been a sharp decline in their offerings over the past few years. Could just be that they are now hiring incompetent people. Whether they be black, white, brown or pink I cannot say but whoever these people are they do not seem to have the same standards as those who were at MC a couple of years ago.


I read somewhere that approximately 100 000 Premium Subscribers have cancelled, or perhaps downscaled their subscriptions, over the past year or so. I have been with Mnet and then Dstv from the start, or shortly after, and can see myself in the not too distant future becoming one of those subscribers that also move on.

I also do not expect any sort of positive, positive to my way of thinking, result from this thread as nobody at MC takes things seriously and it appears that they think that we are just a few amongst thousands who are complaining. One day they will perhaps wake up and "smell the roses". Unfortunately by then it may be too late.


Re: An end to M-Net & co. as people's channels?

BTW, just noticed that the movie Command Performance that's on ch. 109 at the moment is distorted - short, fat people... how on Earth does such a mature and long experienced channels group manage to still do that??




An end to M-Net & co. as people's channels?

Not surprised to see no complaint thread about the latest movies pop up channel's logo disaster, by now I think most of us have realised that M-Net & co. aren't listening... even when logic and history says we're completely right.


So be it, lots of losses ahead for all then.


Also not surprised to have stumbled on a new(?) division this week called "M-Net Corporate" - all about business now, except they clearly haven't got a clue what they're doing anyway all too often.


Recent figures in an official MyBB article say that MC & co. now has a staff that's 87% black, with management consisting of 51% black ladies. Related? Perhaps, if they're not hired enough for skill and experience but instead for the gravy train syndrome...


Will be interesting to see if this is deleted. Either way, can't see any reason to comment further, the avalanche just continues.