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Another DSTV Screw-up

Community Manager

Re: Another DSTV Screw-up

Hi RogerP.


We do apologize for the late delivery of our newsletter. Our team is checking into what went wrong.

Good news though – there are repeats I Am The Blue on the weekend of 26 May. Check the guide closer to the time to set your reminder.

Doin' it 4 Tv

Re: Another DSTV Screw-up

Roger, I have noticed in the past that a couple of music shows on the Sundance channel have been repeated but perhaps not during the following week. So, hopefully, this will be the case regarding this music show you are interested in. Bit of useless information I know but just trying to say that there's some hope yet. Do as you say you'll be doing and keep scanning the channel for when the film will be repeated. Good luck.


New poster

Another DSTV Screw-up

The new DSTV e-mail was sent to me early this morning. It highlighted a movie ON Sundance I would really like to see, "I Am The Blues" about Louisiana music. Great, I thought. But it was broadcast YESTERDAY! 

There is no rebroadcast scheduled in the next week, so I will have to keep looking.

But why can't DSTV learn to do things properly and keep loyal customers happy!!