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More premiere movies are hidden on 104


Re: More premiere movies are hidden on 104

Very true Optimist.


I also find this on other Mnet movies channels, 

like 110, 111 and 139.


Sometimes "better" movies are shown during the day,

or in the post midnight slot.

And not during primetime.





HD awesomeness

More premiere movies are hidden on 104

Yep, there are quite a few things hidden on 104.

Regulars here are aware of what we call post-midnight series on the channel (broadcasts kept quiet but believed needed for licencing), and there's a movie factor to this as well which hasn't been mentioned yet.


I've found that the best way to look out for a wanted movie is to do the hard work - check the full listings of 104 MM Premiere on a regular basis. (Another website I've used for years which tries to look out for items for people unfortunately fails too often.)

As a result I've discovered a number of good movies that are not publicised and are broadcast at odd times, usually post-midnight but not always.

Some do repeat, though not usually in my knowledge.


What is their purpose?

I believe also just broadcast to meet licencing requirements as there's then no plan for the mass broadcast environment, I think some were even on Box Office so we believe this just makes it legal or cheap in some circumstances.


Is it a secret?

Well it's not something they can get upset about us discovering or discussing as we're doing nothing wrong, but they're clearly trying to hide these activities... ;-)


Next example is this afternoon - @  1325 - "Breaking The Bank"

(This one's older (2014) so may have been on before, but no repeats seen.)