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New sci-fi movie review(s)


New sci-fi movie review(s)

Not starting with a good one unfortunately...


"2036 Origin Unknown" is on 104 M-Movies Premiere, next showing on Sat. the 8th at 21:30.


"An action thriller loosely based on the famous movie 2001 A.D. After a catastrophic mission to mars a crew with an A.I. ship discover a mysterious monolith in space."


Unless you're young and new to sci-fi... it's hardly similar to 2001 at all, more like a plagiarism - you'll find it a slaughterhouse mix of a number of the great classics, ranging from The Borg's cube in Star Trek (the so-called monolith) to who knows what. Then add a pinch of fantasy and a touch of stupidly along with long ramblings about this writer / producer's scientific and other concepts (I did like and respect a bit of it, like the one that kept having a go at A.I.-hype).


Special effects are drug-like, budget must have been thin given the lack of outside the main room scenes and the few act-persons. And it's still in that el-cheepo unconverted cinemascope screen shape with text that gets cut off if using the Cropped ARC setting.

Its ending - without posting a spoiler, let's just call it empty.


One thing that got my back up early on - they communicate instantly with Earth in the beginning, then years later discuss that faster-than-light communication is just about to be possible... :-/


Maybe nice for those into the B-movie experience, and perhaps some will think it good.