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'Old'/Useless Descriptions in EPG


'Old'/Useless Descriptions in EPG

When you had the Top 100 movie popup channel last year there was quite a bit of discussion on the 'secrecy' around the Top10, which seemed to be based on the idea of marketing hype rather than practical use to subscribers with busy lives who don't obsessively check MNET social media pages. One of the features of this was that all the Top10 movies got a generic description in the EPG: "This film redefined a genre, influenced pop-culture and changed the movie landscape forever".


We were told the EPG would be updated with proper titles and descriptions as soon as the first airing of the movie was done, which of course never happened. Tonight on Ch111HD at 20:00 the Lion King was on... and it STILL has that old generic description! Will someone ever bother to update the database entry for the Top 10 movies from back then? This has happened with others that have been shown since then, like The Dark Knight. Come on.


(I apologise if there is a thread on this already, but I didn't see one - and in all honesty this new forum is a nightmare to navigate.)