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Stargate (1994) - Missing subs for non-English parts

Red Carpet

Re: Stargate (1994) - Missing subs for non-English parts

I also find a slightly better response rate if I tag a staff member in my post - but by no means guaranteed and should certainly not be required!


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Re: Stargate (1994) - Missing subs for non-English parts

Ok, thanks. Bit of a shame as in this case it's a simple error which really affects anyone trying to watch the movie, but there's plenty of other stuff in the country to worry about right now so I'll just assume they're not interested and save my time and energy.


Re: Stargate (1994) - Missing subs for non-English parts

It seems to be mood related, when they feel like it. Or maybe dependent on our moods, they like to hide...


However, these kind of errors have seldom ever received real attention. About the only ones that seem to be passed on a bit regularly are channel or guide mess ups and some software issues.


Re: Stargate (1994) - Missing subs for non-English parts



Do DSTV/Multichoice staff ever read our posts here? Just wondering as have had no response to posts like this or the EPG errors I reported here. I realise I was away from the forums for a while and so may have missed discussions on how the forum should be used and what we should expect - I was a bit frustrated with this site in the early days so took a break - but I thought it would be constructive to at least try to report broadcast and EPG errors.


But if nobody on their end is interested in hearing about these problems I may as well stop wasting everyone's time. Would be good to know.




Re: Stargate (1994) - Missing subs for non-English parts

I've rescheduled this for recording on Friday, but reading your comments I might just give it a miss...

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Stargate (1994) - Missing subs for non-English parts

Couldn't find a 'broadcast errors' section like the old forum had so I assume I post this here.


This movie is currently showing on Action+HD/106 (we have Explora1s) but there is a problem as there are a number of sections where an "ancient Egyptian" dialect is spoken but we have no way of knowing what they are saying. Back in the VHS/DVD/non-HD TV days the subs for these portions (apart from possibly the early scenes where Jackson is learning the language) were burned into the picture so we could follow the plot. In some early Blu-ray releases there were complaints that they had taken out the burned-in subs to go the more modern route of selectable subtitles, but hadn't included an "English forced" subs track for just these parts. So people had to turn on the whole English subs track, where even spoken English parts had subs. This was fixed in later releases.


The problem with your version is worse in that the only subs option I had on the decoder was "English", but this seems to be an old subs track from when the non-English parts were burned in, as it just says things like (Jackson speaking Abydonian) which, needless to say, is not helpful! I vaguely remembered the plot and what was discussed in these scenes, but anyone new to the film would have little idea.


This isn't a problem exclusive to DSTV as I see in the US there were complaints that Amazon had some missing forced subs on this movie whereas Netflix didn't, but I would appreciate it if you could look into fixing this by either including a proper forced Eng subs track, or burning it in when you encode/compress a version for broadcast... or even just including a full English subs track which had these parts as this would be better than nothing!